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Outdoor Ceremony-Where to Get Ready?

We are getting married outdoors. I would be fine to get ready at my house, but my fiance and dogs will be there! Does anyone have any ideas of somewhere I could rent for my bridal party to get ready? I've thought about hotels but I want enough room to have people around. The wedding is in the Shawnee area. Thanks!

Re: Outdoor Ceremony-Where to Get Ready?

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    Make hair/makeup appointments somewhere. I am making appoints with Mario Tricoci and we will all get our hair and makeup done in a salon where we can all sit and talk and watch each other get pampered! After that just make sure a room in your home is clear to change in and you're good to go! Maybe buy a few floor length mirrors and prop them up on the walls in the room so each girl has her own mirror to look in and noone is fighting over them. :)
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    Some hotels have rooms that you can open doors and have them go into each other OR a suite. That, or ditto PP with getting ready @ home & make the boys go play elsewhere. ;-P
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    I like all those suggestions.  I don't have anything else to contribute, so I'll just say that a suite in a hotel is my favorite.  No FI, no dog hair.  Sounds like a winner.
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    It doesn't even have to be an expensive hotel if budget is an issue. Try a Residence Inn or something similar - their rooms usually are bigger than normal for a smaller price.

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    I have the same issue...my fiance and I discussed and have looked at tons of hotel suites...the problem we are finding is you pay for the size...the nicest largest suite we found was at ameristar casion...550.00 a night....the only catch to renting a hotel room for you and the girls to get ready is when you can check in...so far every hotel we have been to..hyatt, westin, marriott, harrahs, argosy, ameristar, crowne plaza...is that in order to have the suite for the day of your wedding on time..you have to rent 2 consecutive nights...which in my case gives me a night before the wedding and the wedding night for over 1000.00 and even though my parents and grandparents have offered to pay it...I just cant justify that kind of amount for me to get ready for the day......
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