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The Grand Loft? Bad or Good?

Has anyone been to a wedding here, or had their wedding here?

My Fiance is in love with this place, and the pricing is very convincing... I just am not sure yet.

I think I would feel better if I heard some real people reviews.
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Re: The Grand Loft? Bad or Good?

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    I was in a wedding there.  It's okay, to be honest.  I'm not sure where most of your guests will be coming from, but it's a pretty good drive, and there's not much else around.  And if you have drinkers, that may be a problem.  The thing I wasn't really impressed with was the decor they said my friend had to use.  But they may have changed it since then.  It was also odd that there were two rooms being used for the reception and they were not connected at all.  This was 3 years ago though, so like I said things may have changed.  Oh and their version of "open bar" is about 2 selections of beer and maybe 2 selections of wine.  Overall, they were happy that it fit in their budget.  HTH!  Good luck planning! 
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    See the decor is what is throwing me off right now. We are doing a crazy themed reception and the decorations they have are very... traditional? I'm not sure if that is the word I am wanting to use, but to be PC we will go with it. They have assured me that they won't make us use their decorations and we can bring in our own, and we are having a small enough wedding that we can all fit in the main ball room. We are thinking about using one of those rooms as a "Kid" room where we can set up games and a video game system (it has a TV) and then use the other one as kind of a "Male Bonding" room.

    The drive was something that is a hassle for us, but most of our family is from Olathe area, and its about a 20 min drive from Olathe.

    The main thing that is bothering me I think is that I really really am not a fan of the way they have it set up for tours. They keep assuring me that we can take most of it down, but I'm still terrified of it! My FH thinks I'm insane.

    I don't know what to do! :(
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    If you aren't 100%, and feel unsure about it all, don't do it.  You should love(or at least like a lot) the space you are getting married in.  I'm not sure about them taking down all the decor, I would worry about that too.  You aren't insane :)  Good luck!
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    Sounds to me like you need to keep looking. I agree with the person above - you need to at least really, really like the place!
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    I went to two weddings there last year. As I'm from south of the city, that's a really popular place for people I know. Both of the weddings were decorated very beautifully. I have no idea though if both couples used the provided decorations or brought in their own. The food was good and the bar wasn't extensive, but enough for most people. Really my only drawback was the seperation of rooms. Both weddings were larger and people were spread out and those in the small rooms didn't know what was happening in the main room. That doesn't sound like it should be a problem for you though.
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    I just wanted to pop in here and reassure you on a couple things. I am a bartender at the Loft.

    The alcohol/drinks provided are whatever the people paying for the wedding provide.  Usually that means a few kegs of beer, a red and white wine, and margaritas/daquiris.

    We will serve whatever beverages are provided to us.  Last weekend we had a wedding with six different alcohols.  Its all about what the bride and groom/parents provide.

    The decor is setup in a traditional way, but it can all be changed. You and your bridal party will have to set them up, or you can pay the Loft to do it.  Many people just come early and set them up.

    The decor in the Chapel can also be changed, and in the same manner, you can pay us to do it, or your bridal party can come early and set it up.

    The seperation of rooms has its pluses and minuses.  The minus being that sometimes people don't know whats going on in the other room.  Its mainly just the back room though, and that is rarely used. Mainly for weddings of 300+.  I do run back there and let people know when toasts/first dances/etc are happening.

    The pluses to the back room are it provides a place for the elderly/very young to get away and have some piece and quiet, and also to allow for relatives/friends who havent seen eachother in a very long time to get away and reconnect.

    Aside from working at the Loft, I find the place very lovely.  And it can be a onestop spot. There is a Rehearsal Dining Room, Chapel, and Reception all in the same spot.  Kathy and Claude have connected with a photographer, and catering company that many people choose to use.  And we also can provide DJ/Emcee services.

    I know I may be biased, but I wanted to come in and let people know what I've seen via working there, and especially correct the "open bar" situation.

    Goodluck on your wedding venue, I am sure whereever you choose it will be great!  Hope my two cents helped a little bit!

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