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Historic Stowe Building


Re: Historic Stowe Building

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    Well we were planning on going to the open house tomorrow and put money down for the reception and photography.  I am now back at the beginning of planning a wedding and I have 5 months to now find a ceremony/reception venue, photographer, and DJ.  I know the brides who have already put money down on this site are worse off than us but with what my fiance and I have gone through just to get to the point where we can afford to get married this is a huge set back and so upsetting. 

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    My daughter's wedding was to be April 30, 2011 at The Stowe.  Luckily we were fortunate enough to find a venue yesterday.  May I suggest that any other brides out there check out River Market Event Place, they have been wonderful to us and have turned what became a total mess into something wonderful.  

    Best of luck to all the brides and families out there!    
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    We booked the Stowe building, photography and dj with the Stowe building as well  After checking around we realized that there is absolutely no way that they could offer this package at this price and even come close to making a profit or staying in business!  I believe they just took the money and had no intentions to ever following thou or had no idea how to price their packages. There is no way they could of stayed in business for everything they were offering me at such low prices! I even was told by another bride that they where hiring photography students to do the wedding. WTH? I knew this offer was too good to be true when I booked last November but I hate to say it now; it’s my own fault!  When something is too good to be true…it probably is and the saying goes…you pay for what you get!  Hard lesson learned and I will not sacrifice going forward.

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    Brides & Grooms,

    I wish you all the best of luck in finding an even better venue than you had before, and wish you all the happiness you deserve on your big day.  Congrats on your upcoming wedding and on your engagement.

    Ria Photography
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    If you have a reception at the Stowe Building you may want to check their website!  They shut down and aren't calling people to tell them.  They simply posted something on their website...
  • He was criminally charged and fined $130k+ for this nonsense. Good. No more Stowe Building/Hospitality venue:


    In Response to Re: Historic Stowe Building:
    CAUTION!!! This report was just aired last night by the Channel 4 Problem Solvers.
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