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Elite Party Rental

Has anyone heard of this company or know anything about them? They quoted me awesome prices on chairs, the lowest I've found yet, but I can't seem to find any reviews on them or their service. We are getting married in the Rose Garden at Loose Park and don't want to spend a fortune on chair rentals. It just kind of worries me to spend money on a company that I can't find any reviews on. Thoughts?

Re: Elite Party Rental

  • I haven't but just because they don't have any reviews isn't necessarily a red flag.  I would talk to representative there and ask for any referrals or a recent client list. Has anyone else had any experience with them??
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    Is it possible they are a new company? I haven't heard of them.

    I wouldn't be worried because they don't have any reviews, I have learned not to take online reviews seriously. Half the time the good ones are themselves and the bad ones are their competitors. It's so hard to find a decent true review online anymore.
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