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James P Davis

I'm my bffs moh and she is thinking of using James P Davis Hall. But we really dont have a clue on how to set it up. Like she wants tables in the same room where she will have the DJ but I have no clue on how to set it up.

Has anyone had or been to a wedding there, and can offer some suggestions or even pictures of table set ups?

Thanks :)

Re: James P Davis

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    I went to a wedding there several years ago. They had the wedding and reception both in the large room to the right, then the food buffet set up in the room to the right (when you enter the main front door). The DJ was at the front of the room to the right and it worked out well. People also danced in the front of the room by the DJ.

    I am having the same problem in trying to figure out how to set up my reception place. Ask if you can view the building when it is set up for another wedding, we are doing that tomorrow at our venue.
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