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How to handle extra Jr. BM's/GM

Our original plan was to have 3 attendants each because it's a small wedding (50-60 guests) and I didn't want a huge wedding party. However, FI has some nieces and nephews (ages 9-14) that really want to be involved. I've mentioned the typical things for kids (ie: programs, guest book, readings, etc...), but I know they want to be more invovled, as in Jr. BM/GM. Would it be appropriate for 3 Jr. BM and 1 Jr. GM to walk down the aisle, but then be seated in the front? They would still feel involved. I just don't want a thousand people standing up with us, but I love the kids and want them involved. Thoughts? Any other ideas?

Re: How to handle extra Jr. BM's/GM

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    i think that would be fine.  You could also make the girls candle lighters?  i've seen this done at a few weddings
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    I think that's fine.  You could also have them escort MOB/MOG down the aisle and stuff like that.  But if you think they'll be happy getting the dress/tux to look like WP and walk down the aisle, that's probably the easiest thing.
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    Thanks for the ideas. I think I can make it work to where they all feel special but nto adding to a large wedding party. Thanks a lot!
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    i think that sounds like a great idea!
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    That's actually EXACTLY what I'm doing! I have 3 JR BMs and 1 JR GM. I'm having two girls walk together, and then the GM/BM together, right behind the "big kids" and in front of the flower girls. They wanted sooo badly to be included, I don't think they would have ever forgiven me if I didn't let them!! But to kill two birds with one stone, so to speak, I'm having the JRs hand out programs, man the guest book, etc., before the ceremony. They'll love it, and that way an adult doesn't have to do such a boring job!!
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