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I  haven't posted here much, but we just got married and had the worst experience with Kool Nites limo, I just wanted to warn other future brides about using them! My husband just wrote their manager a letter about how disappointed we were with their service. We used trolleys to take guests to and from the wedding and basically, here's what happened:

1. Despite us calling to confirm the route from the hotel and the driver still got lost. Not a big deal, but
2. The trolley did not have AC and was lost for a good 15-20 minutes, so our guests were drenched in sweat by the time they arrived. They said it was sweltering on the bus. Still not too bad, but
3. We were about 20 minutes late leaving the reception. My husband told the driver we would be happy to bring a check by or he could charge any additional fee to the credit card they already had on file for us, but he absolutely refused to drive us unless we gave him $100 CASH on the spot. We were still in our wedding clothes, had a trolley full of guests and had already paid them a lot of money, and he said he would make everyone get off and leave us there unless we paid him the cash right then and there. Our guests had to pool money just so he would take us back to the hotel. It was super embarrassing and super unprofessional. I would steer clear of these people - I can't believe he gave us that kind of shake down in front of all our wedding guests!!

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    Oh wow, that is terrible! The AC thing I could deal with, I suppose, but the money thing?! WTF!

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    Wow, what a jackass. Have you considered filing with the BBB. That is one of the most unprofessional things I have heard in a while.
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    I'm glad you posted this, I considered them for our wedding but ended up using another company and I'm glad we did.  I'm sorry your experience was so horrible.  The whole shake down thing is just wrong.

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