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Rehersal Dinner Advice

We are getting married at Unity Village in Lee's Summit, MO. We were originally going to go to Cinzetti's in Overland Park, but their large room is already reserved at our time slot. We are having around 55-60 people at our rehersal. We are looking to keep it at a reasonable price (below $20 pp if possible) not including alcohol. Please let me know any suggestions you have! We are looking for a private (or semi private) room. Thanks!

Re: Rehersal Dinner Advice

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    I have looked into  McCoy's in Westport and Lucky's in Mission and they are both under $20 per person with a few exceptions in the steak family. Both of those places have private dining. I don't know if those locations are ideal for you though.  Also, they have their large party menu and prices on their websites.

    Since people will be RD minded-how far is too far to ask WP to travel from rehearsal to rehearsal dinner? I have been wondering this.
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    Try Garozzo's in Lee's Summit!  Their whole upstairs is their banquet facility, and it would be a pretty close drive from Unity Village.

    Also, I know the Hereford House in Independnce has a good banquet room (I can't speak to the facilities at other locations), and they all offer a banquet menu that would allow you to have a good meal for $20 per person.

    Good Luck!
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