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Need videographer

We have decided to book a videographer for my daughter's wedding in June.  We are really wanting simple, unobtrusive video shot from the balcony of the church.  Any suggestions would be appreciated.

Re: Need videographer

  • Check out Sorenson Videography. We are using him (as well as photography). The videographer sets up a camera at the back of the church AND a camera at the front of the church. He stays with the camera at the back of the church and is able to control the front camera with a remote. I'm not sure it gets much more unobtrusive than that. Also, package prices (especially when combined with photography, if she still needs that) are great. We can't wait to have them for our wedding!
  • I would suggest my good friend JT Billings. He has done wedding videos in the past and theyre gorgeous! Plus, he doesnt charge a lot. If youre interested let me know and ill give you his contact info!

  • I think we're gonna go with Sweet Tea Studio in the river market. Her wedding videos were awesome. I dont know if she does them individually or only as a package. 
  • Check out Shawn Porter with Nouvelle Productions! He's great! We are using him for our wedding. Great work, turn-around, and cheap! Super laid back and easy to get along with with! :) Good luck!
  • If you are wanting a gorgeous well put together video for less than big companies call my friend JT at 816-560-1372 . He is an amazing videographer and has creative ideas for all he does. I've seen his wedding work before and i am using him at my wedding!
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