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Does anyone know of a vendor that will rent string lights and other types of decor that can be hung from the celing? I checked into lighting rental companies in the area and they all seem to specialize in crazy uplighting and other elaborate projects.  I am looking for something a little more subtle.  My reception is in an old factory building turned event space, so it has a ton of character on it's own. I just want to add a few details.

If all else fails, we will just buy string lights and other decorations and hang them ourselves. But, I would prefer to rent these items/pay someone else to hang them.

Any suggestions are appreciated!

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     Congrats on your impending nuptials!!
    Hi ,my name is Vivian. I am co owner of My Sisters & I Wedding & Event Trends. We're located in Grandview Mo. We have all types of items to rent! Can you be a little more specifc? We would love for you to give us a call and we can set up an appt to show you some of the things that we offer. You can reach us at 816 966 2223. I look forward to hearing from you! We have columns that light up, we also offer chandeliers, etc...

    Vivian Dixon
    Certified Wedding & Event Decor Designer
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    Have you tried a party supply/rental company?  All Seasons or Arrowhead rentals maybe? 

    On a side note- what venue did you book with?  I was booked at Stowe and haven't been able to find a similar space with the industrial character at a decent price/size.  Just curious if yours is one I've looked at or don't know about yet.  Thanks!

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    Kansasgrl- thanks for the suggestions! I will definitely check them out. Also, I sent you a PM about my venue. Good luck in your search for a new place, my heart goes out to you and all of the Stowe brides who have to rearrange your wedding plans.
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    Kansasgrl81, I also sent you a PM about a potential place. 
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    I was curious about the same thing-venue
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    SECT theater supplies is also a great company to use for lighting:

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