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How long did you wait to...

set a date?  What was the main driver behind your date (ie what was more important the venue or the date)?  Why did it take you as long as it did to set the date (or why did u pick the date so quickly)?

Re: How long did you wait to...

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    We set our date within 2 weeks.  We wanted the 10-10-10 date but got engaged in Jan.  My mom 'picked' our venue w/o me or my FI seeing it.  They had the date open so we booked it immediately.  We didn't want a long engagement...now it seems long.  
    We had originally planned on november, but Fi really liked 10-10-10 so we went with it...i'm glad we did, i'm not sure i could have waited till november :-p
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    We booked our Venue the next weekend after he proposed. haha I wanted the Venue pretty badly, it was my 1st choice. I didn't mind the date so much, I just wanted it on a Sunday in October - as long as it wasn't the 31st. My Mom brought up the 10-10-10 thing bc I didn't think twice about it or make the connection and our Venue had the date open so we choose that! :)
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    We set it right away, in fact we had talked about it before we were even engaged.  We wanted something in the summer (I'm a teacher) and something that he could easily remember.  So we came up with 7/1/11.
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    We fought setting a date for awhile. We were in New Orleans and everything was up in the air because I'd just had a major set-back at my job (demotion due to budget cuts).

    We knew we wanted a Sunday wedding in the fall, with a Monday holiday. 10-10 came up and we didn't really want to get married that day, but it just ended up winning us over.

    I can't remember exactly how long we took to decide, but it was definitely over a month.

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    We got engaged in April, 2009 and knew right away that we wanted to get married in late September or early October in the chapel on KU's campus.  It's a zoo on campus during home football games so we had to wait until the 2010 football schedule was officially released before setting the date, which took a few months.  Once it came out, there were only two weekends w/o home football games that would actually work for us and I loved the way 10/2/10 sounds (easy for FI to remember) so that's how we wound up with our date.  It took about 3 months to officially decide and reserve the venue.
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    We got engaged December 2009, however, he was getting ready to start his last semester of law school and I my last semester of undergraduate so we knew we wanted to have plenty of time to find jobs, get settled, and save some money before we started planning a wedding.  We originally wanted to have in on 12/11/10 but thought it was too soon so we set the date for 5/28/11.  We took a really long time to set the date--over 5 months because we just didn't know if we would both be able to find jobs and where.  Luckily we are both gainfully employed in KC so we get to have our wedding here!
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    It took us less than 24 hours.  I wanted a fall Saturday wedding when there was no MU football game.  I guess you could say Mizzou picked out date for us, LOL.
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    We picked it that night. We got engaged May 14th and knew we wanted a longer engagement. Then we figured out May 14 2011 was a Saturday and that's how we decided on it :)
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    I really wanted a fall wedding - or a September wedding but we had to see if the church we were getting married in was available.  When we went they had two dates left in the Fall (September was full) - our date 10/9/10 or 10/30/10.  We choose 10/9/10, it took about 2 weeks and that was because we had to make an apppointment to talk to the Priest at the church. 
    I'm really happy with our date but it does seem like a long engagement even though it will be less then a year (by one week) since we were engaged.
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    First of all....wow I feel like my engagement is short!
    Second we picked out the date two days after we got engaged May 16th.  I had always wanted fall....particularly October.  Couldn't do the first weekend because one of my BM will be gone.  I wanted a Saturday because I have too much family that lives out of town.  I also didn't want 10/10/10 because I figured a lot of people would pick it so 10/09/10 became our date.  :)
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