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Rehersal Dinner...on the cheap

My FI and I are paying for everything related to the wedding ourselves.  We're really struggling with what to do for the rehersal dinner.  The wedding is in September and we're having the wedding/reception at the Mission theatre.  Its not an option to eat while we're there.  Any ideas?  It'll be for 12-15 people.  

Thanks ladies!

Re: Rehersal Dinner...on the cheap

  • Yeah, September would still have some nice weather.  Just down the street, west of Mission Theater is Godfathers.  They have a big room that's separate from the dining room. 
  • Thanks for the help ladies!
  • I am having my rehearsal dinner at Minsky's. It costs $25 to rent the room and it's basically a pizza party, or you can order from their sister restaurants (they have a catering and fancy italian restaurant). I am having about 22 people and after taxes and tip for the waiter it's around $200. You get a number of pizzas, bread/cheese sticks, and unlimited soda.
  • We went to Gates a traditional KC experience hosted 35 people with wine and Beer for $550. Most locations have a room you can reserve for free
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