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Wanted to know if anyone has done a GTG or going to do one?


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    I brought one up a few weeks ago, but got bogged down with school.

    I think Hammys was thinking of one? At least she posted a poll the other day. Not sure if she wanted to take it over, or if I should still put one together?

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    Ok cool well keep me posted would love to be part of one!!
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    I'm going to sound like a dork; but what's a GTG?  I'm trying to get into this whole wedding thing; but I'd really rather elope!
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    No worries calydiscope- it takes a while to get used to the lingo!

    A GTG is a get together, where knotties from the same area can meet up IRL in real life.

    Also, welcome to the boards, and good luck with the wedding planning!  I know it's overwhelming at times, but it helps to stay focused on what you and your FI really want.  There are plenty of girls on these boards that have destination weddings and such.
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