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Missouri-Kansas City

Alteration cost

What are the typical alteration cost in Kansas city for those who have their gowns already?

Re: Alteration cost

  • Bens_AmandaBens_Amanda member
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    I'm not sure about wedding gowns...my aunt is doing mine.  BUT I had a BM dress altered in Oct in OP, KS and to let it out and shorten it, it was like $100.  So I would say a gown will be in the 150-200 or 200+ b/c of more detailed alterations, and bustling.  So expensive!!!
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    I agree...thats why i got a gown with a corset top, so i won't have to worry about altering the bodice...I'm also tall enough where i can prolly buy shoe that are the right height and not have to hem it...the most i have is a bustle.

    I actually live in michigan, but the wedding is going to be in KC.  The person at my bridal salon said it would cost about 125 for a bustle....seemed a little high for me.  Depending on when the dress makes it to KC, i may have it done there...
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    I think it really depends on where you have it done.  I haven't had my alterations done yet, but I talked to Robin at Satin Stitches and she quoted me bustling starting at $25 and hem starting at $30.  She's in Smithville, so it's a little bit of a drive, but I think it's worth it!
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    The store I went to told me between $100 - $125 but I have lace and beading on my dress so I expected it to be a little more.  I haven't looked at having another place do the alterations but that is a good idea. 


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    Thank you for posting this! I was wondering the same thing! Many people told me NOT go to the store you've bought the dress from, because they're on average more expensive. I don't know first hand if that's true, but several people have told me that :) Good luck!!
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    there is a wedding salon in Liberty that charged me 45.00 last fall
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    Fatma's Alterations and Tailoring in OP charged me $98.  I thought it was extremely reasonable for 3 fittings. My dress needed a lot of work.
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