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Blurting out wedding details?

I just had ridiculous wedding tourettes to a co-worker. She asked about my date and I just went on and on about random wedding-related stuff. She looked interested but still, I hate doing that because I feel very attention whore-ish.

Do you sometimes find yourself blurting out details to people who really don't need/want to know?

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Re: Blurting out wedding details?

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    Constantly Chrissy...constantly.  Bride brain.
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    YES!! Someone will ask me one question and I go on and on about random wedding related stuff! I am going to be so bored after my wedding with nothing to talk about :)
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    i try very hard not too...most of my friends here are men...and they really dont like it.  I was telling one of them something once and they looked so freaking bored. My mom on the other hand ruins things :-p  She tells one and all that we have a do not play list, and whats on it 
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    I used to when I first got into planning mode, but now I wait for people to ask because I got some of those "is she ever gunna shut up about her wedding?" faces.
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    I was like that at first, and still am to certain people. But for generic coworkers now I don't say a lot because I know they only kind of care. And part of me wants the details to be kind of a surprise!
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    i do the same thing. i'm a hairstylist, so i pretty much tell every woman that sits in my chair about it. lol!
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