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help with invititaions

I am starting to work on wedding invitations and have no clue how to begin or where to get them from...I dont want to spend tons and tons of money on them but want them to look awesome! Any ideas on how to do them or where to get them from..I am wanting a chandelier on them as that is part of my wedding theme :)


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    I know I've seen the chandelier invite before, probably on etsy.   Etsy.com is a good site, artsy people essentially set up their own store and you can purchase on there.  Even if you are not able to find a chandelier if you find a shop that you like you can contact the owner and ask them if they can make an invite with the chandelier. 

    Another good site is weddingpaperdivas.com.  You can order samples on there.  

    Cards and Pockets website is another opition if you want to DIY.  
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    Mine were from Paaper source on the Plaza. Maybe a little pricey, but they have a wonderful selection and everyone is so helpful!
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    I am making my own using ideas I got off of Pinterest and Etsy. i ordered tons of samples from LCI and PaperandMore and got ideas then great deals. I am making my pocket folds for about $1.20 a piece, which is a great deal (these would easily be around $4.50 each on Etsy). Plus, I have the control of the design, which I love!

    Tip to save money - buy your pocket folds from Paper and More and your paper (inserts, etc) from LCI. Buy the big sheets of cardstock from LCI and you will save big time. Be cautious though - you will get a TON of paper (I ordered 50 sheets of the 14x20 - that is a crazy amount of paper that I have to use)! Out of this paper I will get my invites, invite inserts, Save the Date magnet carrier cards, programs, and some other misc items. Just make sure you have a plan!

    If you dont like the idea of designing your own and are really concerned about budget I would look at Vista Prints, they have amazing prices. I got 100 Save the Date magnets for only $22! Make sure to sign up for their emails and stick to the non-wedding stuff if you want the best prices (you can always pick and choose wedding designs, just dont go to the section called "wedding invitations").

    Hope this helps! :)
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    thanks everyone! Lareen? Did you get your pocket folds from that paper cards website?
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    I got them from Paper and More, here is the link - http://www.paperandmore.com/cards/index_pocket.html

    We liked Fairway Green Metallic and Steel Gray Metallic the best!

    Good luck!
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    Here is the link to the paper as well - http://www.lcipaper.com/stardream-paper.html

    13x20 is the actual size, not 14x20 - my bad!
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