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So according to the Knot's "to do list" we should get our eps done between Jan-Mar... which in KC could mean snow, sun, rain, wind...
Our date is the end of September, and all EPs I've seen of friends that have had fall weddings are fall photos. Is it ok to have winter photos on our STDs for a fall wedding? Our decor isn't going to be necessarily fall themed, but is that weird? I have only seen winter EPs with winter weddings.

I really like winter photos, but are you supposed to coordinate your photos with the season? If nobody has an answer, at least tell me which non-local board to put this ? on!! Thanks

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    I really don't think it matters what season it is.  You can also have your pictures done inside somewhere if you don't want anyone to know what season it is and then dress in fall clothes.  Everyone does their pictures outside....it might be a nice change!
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    I agree with Kelley... you could do them inside. You could do them at the photographers studio if you want, or there are ots of cool buildings that you could go to to take ictures inside. The first one that came to mind was union station... but I believe that you have to pay a fee to take pics there.. thats what my H and I wanted to do. But I'm sure some hotels would let you use their lobbies for pictures, etc. Maybe you could even have your photographer come over to your house? My H and I just took our pics in our photographers studio because it was raining the day we did them.

    But, I also don't think that there would be anything wrong with having winter pictures for a STD, even if the wedding is in the fall. I think it would look really cool if you can schedule it on a day when there is snow on the ground! (might be chilly though) I bet Loose park would be georgeous in the winter!!
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  • You might even want to wait for snow! My photographer had a bunch of fun images from a snow shoot!
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