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I am eating a cookie for breakfast (caterer related)

Last night David and I went and met with Lisa from Delish Catering (our caterers for the wedding). She was SO nice and put all my fears to rest about whether or not there will be enough food. This is my BIGGEST fear for the wedding. Anyway, she was very reassuring so I'm happy now. :D

Plus, she was baking cookies all day and boxed us up some to take home. OMFG, they are THE BEST COOKIES EVER! I am eating one right now that is chocolate with a caramel center, but she also gave us ginger cookies and ones that are kind of like oatmeal raisin but with cherries and coconut.

The fact that they are so awesome made me doubley excited because they are also providing us a late night cookies & milk snack for the guests!

I just wanted to share in my gluttony! lol

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Re: I am eating a cookie for breakfast (caterer related)

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    haha!! I'm so jealous!! I have such a sweet tooth and I am trying to diet.... Ugh! I am dying for a cookie!!
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    I don't judge u one bit!
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    So jealous! And love the idea of a late night snack!
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