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Reception Venue Advice?!

We have already booked The Cathedral of the Immaculate Conception for our wedding on Saturday, June 2, 2012, but are having a hard time deciding between The Terrace on Grand, and Pennway Place (Studio Dan Meiners) for our reception.  Any suggestions or thoughts on the 2 venues would be greatly appreciated!!

Re: Reception Venue Advice?!

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    Pennway Place is so pretty on the inside and I know they can decorate it amazing!!! The only downfall I thought was the location and that you had to use them for the flowers which was pretty expensive but it is a cool room.  I know nothing about the Terrace on Grand:)  Good Luck. 
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    Oh man, both of those are great. I guess since your wedding is in June I would be more inclined to say Terrace on Grand assuming you are having a evening reception and it isn't in the middle of the afternoon.
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    Oooh, definitely Pennway Place!  My deal with ToG was the rooftop terrace is nice and pretty, but I wasn't so impressed with the actual inside space.  Whereas Pennway Place is just gorgeous all around. 
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    I completely agree! I just wish Pennway had outdoor space...then it would be perfect! It just seems like there are no PERFECT reception sites?!
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