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I'm not sure where else to post this question, so I'll go with my local forum! My finance' and I are both originally from Kansas City, Missouri, but we both live and work now in Wisconsin. Because the majority of the guests who would attend our wedding are in KC, we are still planning to have our wedding there. (No real date yet set, and we are still in the process of touring venues every time that we make it back to KC for holidays.) Anyway, my mother is going to the KC Bridal Show there on Jan. 14 to meet some vendors for me. I won't be able to go back that weekend. I did see, though, that there is a Wisconsin Bridal Show at the Alliant Energy Center in Madison that same day. I am planning on going! I think it would be helpful for me to see wedding cakes, bouquets, etc., in person instead of staring at the computer screen all day looking at pictures of these. I think I'd still get ideas from attending the show, even though I won't use those vendors for my wedding. My question is: should Justin go? Do guys go to these things? He isn't sure if he wants to go or not. He said that if he does go, he'll find all the cake vendors and grab samples.  I've just never been to a bridal show, and I'm not sure if it's a guy thing, or if I should just go by myself! Thanks!

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  • I went to the Fall show here in KC I took my mom and my MOH and we had a good time but I wish my groom had went. We did however make a few decisions with a few of the vendors and it would have been nice to have his opinion instead of when I got home. I didn't think it was a guy thing either but I did see several men there. I am also going to the show next weekend and he is going with me this time. He is going to do the same thing going for the samples. He has been a very helpful Groom involved and we are enjoying it. So we are going to go this time and have a better idea of who to see and what questions to ask and he will be there to help if we should book or not. Now he isn't real into decoration decisions and such but he is helpful. I think it would be a good experience for you and your Groom to go to. They will have another one I am sure that if you want a girl opinion take a GF the next time. I think for sure it could be a guy thing, they usually have a bar setup as well. I saw most men at that Vendor of course!! :) Good luck.
  • If you want him to go take him!  But flowers, invitations, and cakes are just not 'guy' things-even if they are for their own wedding.  You see very few men there and some shows even have a 'man/groom cave' where men can lounge while we go out to admire the dresses, centerpieces and china.  
    Justin seems like a great groom and if you really want him to go, I would just tell him what kind of feedback/help you need while you're there.  This way he knows why he's there and how he's helping out, but he's not going to enjoy it like you will. 
  • I would take him!

    I am going to the one here next weekend but I'm going with my BFF who is also engaged (she is currently in Des Moines so it's a trip for her)... There is another one in a couple weeks here and the tickets are BOGO so I might take my fiance to that one.

    He thinks that wedding planning is simple and can be done in two months. When he walks into that room he will realize that it's harder work than it looks. Maybe then he will be more inclined to help here and there. :) I plan on telling him that it looks overwhelming but really can be fun!

    Also, you said you're from KCMO but where are you looking... everywhere? If you have under 250 guests and are on a bit of a budget and can't spend thousands on a venue, I suggest looking at Peeper Ranch in Lenexa KS. It is $1000 for the whole day, and they are super lenient on vendors. You don't have to have liscenced bartenders or security etc. You do have to rent tables and chairs, but it's still cheap compared to others I've seen, and pretty. They are open to the public so you can walk in anytime.
  • My fiance went with my MOH and I to a bridal show last fall.  Luckily, he really wants to be involved in choosing the venue, cake, etc., so it was really helpful for both of us to see what all the planning process encompasses.  All three of us had a really great time.  He enjoyed talking business with the vendors and we were able to narrow down a bakery for the cake.  The extra pair of hands was also nice when my MOH and I wanted to test some of the photo booths =)
  • I think it depends on your fiance.  If he's into that stuff then I think he'll enjoy it.  They also do wedding band give aways and things like that.  My H had no interest in that what so ever and I couldn't have paid him to go with me :-( so I took one of BM's. 
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    [QUOTE]By the way, does anyone have suggestions for where I should investigate buying my dress? I can definitely talk to some dress vendors at the Wisconsin bridal show. Since my wedding will be in Kansas City, though, I don't know if it's best that I buy the dress there and it just stays there at my parents' house until the wedding. ??? The dress vendor is a vendor that I don't know whether it's best to go to a Wisconsin or a Missouri one.
    Posted by Laurenbiz[/QUOTE]

    There are many choices...you might want to search previous posts for suggestions girls have been giving recently!

    I got my dress at Mia's in Olathe and also had a good experience while at Gown Gallery downtown.
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