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Hey girls,

I booked Jason Domingues for my wedding. I booked him early as I took one of his classes and loved his work. Over the past month I have been looking at his blog and recent work and now I am having doubts. His style is very artsy/trendy/photo journalism...which I like to an extent.

I am just wondering if any of you have used him?? Or if you have any advice? We are meeting with him next weekend and I didnt know the protocol on if it was appropriate to point out what I do and do not like!??

Any comments/advice would help my jitters!!

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    I just had my final meeting with my photographers last week and they straight up asked what I wanted and didn't like.  They asked me to send them examples that I like from other wedding pics and what not.  I would be pretty open with him.  It's your wedding and your money!  I know he will add his style to things of course, but make sure you get what you want as well!
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    I personally really like his style. Like Kelley said, just be very specific about what kind of pictures you want. I don't think you have anything to worry about. They will be great!
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