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Kind of Sad Bachelorette Party Recap

I didn't have high hopes of it being great from the start since I'm pregnant, but overall it turned out ok..

My girls first dropped me off for an hour long pregnancy massage which was amazing.  I then got picked up and taken to a really nice hotel downtown that they decorated up with my wedding colors.  Two of the girls couldn't make it (one being the MOH who had no invovlement with the planning).  The BM in charge of planning had been drinking all day so she was completely smashed when I got there.  She was also overly emotional becuase of the nasty exchange of words she had with the two that couldn't make it, so she ended up dipping within an hour without saying anything.  She also had taken all the money from those chipping in and bailed before paying for the room, so that's an awkward situation that still needs to be worked out.

We then walked down to Chilis for dinner and I thought it was kind of weird that I paid for my own meal even though some of the other girls were pairing up and paying for one another but hey, I know they already spent loads on the hotel!  It was also very difficult watching them all drink champagne at the hotel and order drinks at dinner.  One of the girls realized that she forgot her meds at home and was in a lot of pain so she dipped after dinner and it was just left to just the 5 of us. 

We headed out to Coyote Ugly and we ran into the bachelor party as they were leaving!  I was so excited and happy to see my FI since I was already sad about the night and missing him so badly!  The best man grabbed me by the hand and pulled me up to the bar before leaving to order me a body shot.  Since I'm pregnant it was a shot of cranberry juice and it was soooo embarassing feeling like a beached whale ontop of a bar next to a little tiny skinny chick!  We went dancing at a different bar before heading back to the hotel. 

I checked in with my FI and learned that they had been standing outside trying to get a cab for over an hour, mind you it was about 20 degrees!  They were only a few blocks away so two of my BM that are dating two of the guys decided that we needed to go rescue them!  We brought them back to the hotel suite and everyone made their ride arrangements.  Only one girl had planned on staying the night with me so it ended up being her, her BF, my FI and I.  I was so happy to have him there with me and not have to worry about whether or not he was ok!

Overall it was alright but definitely not what I had ever imagined my B-party as. I had planned on taking lots of pictures but as I kept getting more and more down I decided not to.  Now I kind of regret it tho...

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Re: Kind of Sad Bachelorette Party Recap

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    I am glad it was ok, sorry it was not perfect, but it sounds like you did have some fun!  The massage sounds amazing :)
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    I know how you feel, I was sick for my party, and I only had a few pictures!

    But it seems like you enjoyed most of it! I am jealous of your massage!
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    Aw, sorry it wasn't how you would have expected, but it sounds like it was okay overall. The massage sounds fabulous!
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