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I am stressed/ and confused and need support :)

I am my two nieces in our wedding. We are having my sisters daughter (2 years old) and my brothers daughter (7 years old) in the wedding as flower girls.

Back when my dress came in and I had to try it on to make sure everything was okay, my sister in law, my younger sister, and mother came with me. While we were there we found a flower girl dress that I really liked. Very simple white long dress, a little beading on the front, and a lace up back that I can have the ribbon match my color (charcoal grey) The back also matches my dress and the bridesmaid dresses as we all have lace up. 

I was excited about it because I was having a hard time in figuring out if I should put the girls in different dresses bc of the difference in age, but was worried that this would not work out (which in the long run i dont think different dresses are going to work because i want the girls to receive "equal" attention and not have anyone treat either girl differently or think that one is cuter then the other) I thought that the dress would be perfect for either age. My sister was not crazy about it, and thought it was too old for her daughter to wear, and every time I bring it up she has been very short with me. So today I asked her about it and she said that "she doesn't care for the dress" but it was my wedding and she does not want to stress me out. But in turn i think i dont want her paying for a dress she doesn't like. 

I attempted to show my sister in law some other dresses today without my sister knowing to see what she liked and she thought the ones i liked were too babyish for her daughter. She texted me back with i like the first one but if you guys like the other ones it fines. So i needed to reiterrate that my sister was not involved in this and it was just me.

I feel like its a lose, lose situation. And I am super stressed and confused!

Am I looking too far into it? Here is a picture of the dress I really liked the first time around

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Re: flower girl dresses

  • Could you ask them to look for dresses that they each like and show them to you? Then maybe from that pool of dresses you can all agree on something? Also, if one likes the dress you like and the other doesn't you can have them in different dresses. (Am I understanding right that your sister in law likes the dress that you like for her 7 year old, but your sister does not like the dress you like for her 2 year old?)

    Maybe you can find a similar dress for the younger FG. Have you seen the tu-tu style FG dresses? They're pretty adorable. You could possibly have the older FG in the lace up back dress and the younger FG in a different dress that still matches everyone but that her mother thinks is more age appropriate. 

    FWIW, I think the dress you like is adorable. Sorry, this probably isn't much help. I hope you get it all worked out! :)
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    It looks like your other post got eaten too!

    All I said was if I were you I would make sure the 2 year old loves the dress. A few years ago I attended a wedding and the flower girl was younger and threw a fit because she didn't like the dress and wanted to wear something "poofier" lol.
  • I've mentioned this before, but I'm not a fan of really young  flower girls. That being said, I think I understand how your sister would think that dress would be innapropriate for a 2 year old. She may think that anything that laces up is risque or slutty. Personally, I think they're really cute. There's no skin showing that shouldn't be, it's not like it's an open corset back or anything. I'm curious about the other dresses you showed your other sister for the 7 year old. 7 is still pretty young (not for a fg, just in general), and there aren't a lot of fg type dresses I can think of that are too "babyish" for a 7 year old. Ask your sister with the 2 year old WHAT is is about the dress she doesn't like? If it's the lace up, see if you can find a similar dress that doesn't lace up but still has a sash with the color you want. Or pick 2 dresses. I think that would be just as cute. And I don't think you should worry about the girls getting equal treatment or being equally cute. Dress choice doesn't detract from equal treatment, unless one's getting a $100 dress and the other is getting a $5 dress, for example. Just concern yourself with treating them equally, not dressing them equally. And as far as the cuteness thing goes, I'm sure they'll both be really cute, and most people will not pick a favorite flower girl, except their parents, who are allowed.
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