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April 2013 Weddings

Card Box

What are you guys doing for your card box?  I do not have one crafty bone in my body so the idea of a DIY project is really not an option for me.  I haven't even started looking online yet to see if I can order one.  

Would love to hear some ideas!
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Re: Card Box

  • Christine9866Christine9866 member
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    Since we are having a rustic themed wedding I found a wood window pane tall lantern at home goods on sale. FI cut a long wide slit in the top so people can drop the cards in through there.

    You can also rent traditional card boxes, not sure how much though!

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  • My grandma has one that we have used at every wedding on my mom's side. It is a huge birdcage type thing.

    Are you good at wrapping presents? A card box isn't *that* hard. I am the anti crafter and I was able to make them for the valentine's day cards for school. Just find a big box, wrap it in oh so pretty wrapping paper and cut a hole at the top!
  • Hadn't even thought about it. It'll probably be something basic and thrown together at the last minute :-D
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  • I ordered mine off Etsy, one of those 3 tier square thingys. Lol
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  • Our family had a card box stolen at a reception once, so we no longer use them.  Instead, we use card bags, usually held by a member of the WP or one of the parents.  I ordered mine from an etsy seller long ago, although I doubt we'll be getting many cards since we're having a destination wedding.  I ordered it before we decided on the DW, though. 

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  • faile556faile556 member
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    I bought mine last night!
    We choose a treasure chest looking thing from michaels. It's deep enough and large enough for bigger cards and it was on sale *shrug*.

    I might artfully give it a paint wash to match the color scheme better, but overall we're trying to only buy things we can reuse either in our house as decorations (or practical purposes), as gifts for others, etc. after the wedding.
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  • I'm not the biggest fan on card "boxes" so we are using a mailbox!! Hoping someone i know who is artsy will be able to either monogram it or write "Winter est. 2013" on it!! so we can use it at our house as well :)
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    We have a travel theme and I've appointed FI in charge of this one.  He wants to find a basic mailbox and paint it up like an air-mail box :-)

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  • We have a travel theme and I've appointed FI in charge of this one.  He wants to find a basic mailbox and paint it up like an air-mail box :-)

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  • @Jesslamb - they sell custom monogram details for mailboxes on etsy. 

    I'm thinking about a mailbox too, but want to paint it like the mailbox in Up - with handprints and our names. 

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  • Ahhh, cute!!! I love Up!!!

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  • http://www.amazon.com/Darice-10-Inch-Paper-Mache-Round/dp/B001K7N1IA/ref=sr_1_2?ie=UTF8&qid=1352770738&sr=8-2&keywords=hat+box

    I bought this on amazon for 10 dollars and am sprucing it up by wrapping lace around it, topped with a tan satin ribbon and two really big ivory flowers on the top and bottom. The final product will cost less than $20 and was inspired by this one I found on etsy, which costs a whopping $89:

    I'll post a pic of mine when it's done
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  • I made ours using 4 8x10 photo frames, a lazy susan, and a piece of cardboard wrapped in silver foil.
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  • I'm not having one! But I did have this orange bucket that I was going to put a cards sign on. With only 15 people I'm thinking if there are cards, they can just hand them to us and I'll put them somewhere safe :)
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  • I'm making one in the style of allychase's but with purple ribbon to match my color scheme.  
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  • I bought one from Big Lots. $8 and it has a really pretty design. They have different sizes, so I got one just right for cards. It doesn't have a slit on top, but you grab a bow in front to lift the top. I hot glued a little sign I printed out on cardstock to the top that says "Cards" in a pretty font.
  • My friends started passing down one cardbox after each got married, the ribbon colors and decorations just get changed by the new bride.  So all I'll be doing is changing the colors on teh box when it comes to me in January. 
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