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April 2013 Weddings


WR: I'm going to try to finish up the RB sign I started a few weeks ago.  I will probably also head over to Michael's and find a FG and program basket to spray paint white and do something cool to.  My alterations are supposed to be finished today but if I don't hear from her by noon, I will probably give her a call.  I'm also going to reserve the two rental houses for the BP to stay at for either three or four nights, depending on what they want. 

NWR: On Saturday, I'm going to the Holly Fair with my girls' Meetup group.  It's this big Holiday craft fair at a convention center at the beach, where you can pick up very unique, handmade gifts.  On Sunday, we're going to "One Hot Cupcake," a cupcake shop over in town.  Soooo goood!  I have Monday off but I'll probably still go into work to catch up on some things before Thanksgiving :-)

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Re: F-R-I-D-A-Y!!!!

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    NWR: I am excited to go to happy hour with my co-workers after work today.  Two of them have taken other positions so we are going out to celebrate. I have become really good friends with both of them and we all hang out outside of work. I am sad to see them leave. Having them at work has kept me sane, but I am sure we will maintain our friendships :) Saturday afternoon we are going to my nieces gymnastics expo. I get weighed in tomorrow at weight watchers hoping to be down another full lb. I feel like it is taking me forever to get these last 3lbs off!!!

    WR: I am continuing to knock items of my DIY list. I have been working on all the items that seem to take the most time (even though I feel like thats everything because I am so ANAL!) Currently I am attaching card stock flags to my grey striped straws which is sooo time consuming, but I had to have the darn straws haha! I am determined to get most of my DIY done by February so I can focus on my candy buffet.
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  • NWR-Dinner with a friend tonight, play tickets tomorrow and hopefully a quiet Sunday.

    WR-We're starting our Macy's registry tomorrow.

    Happy weekend ladies!
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  • Yay!  Have fun at Macy's :-)

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  • NWR: Baby shower tomorrow, church and some shopping Sunday. I hope to see the new 007 movie this weekend at some point. Just vegging Monday. Nothing wedding related, which is nice!
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  • WR/NWR: I'm going shopping with my FMIL to a few craft-y type stores tomorrow. I hope I can pick out some things I can start doing at home (like the little chalkboard signs I want to make and some candy molds to practice on).  And then I want her to buy us some new toothbrush heads so, that's the NWR part haha.

    I've missed you ladies!  MY long term teaching position just ended so it's looking like I'll have some free time again.  I hope everyone is well!
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  • NWR - Our former landlord has spent 48 hours facebook slandering/stalking/harassing/wahtever me. I've spent my wonderful day of PTO at courthouses and police departments. At least if she does take it physical this time there is proof of what's been said. OMG, this woman is 50 and a paralegal and she's doing this on FB? Really? I'm a nervous wreck.

    We're cleaning house this weekend and playing around at home. We were gone for 2 weeks, it's nice to be home!

  • WR: Meeting with our DJ and picking out invitations.  Also, going to attempt to knock some more wedding DIY projects.

    NWR: Poor FI has to work Saturday and Sunday but we are going to have dinner with one of his groomsmen and his wife tomorrow night.  We always have such a good time with them!
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    I'm late but.. WR: We got FIs suit today! Very excited about that. It will need a decent amount of tailoring though. NWR: Nothing out of the ordinary.. Shopping with my mom, going out to dinner tonight and lots of football all weekend. ETA: ugh I'm super annoyed the formatting is so bad. Must be because I'm on my phone.

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