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April 7th, 2013

Hello Ladies!! My boyfriend & I just got engaged! We use to date when we were in our late teens, then both went our seperate ways and both went through some hard times.  After all these years, we found each other & got back together in Jan of 2011.   We just got engaged and picked april 7th as our wedding date of 2013.  

I am so very excited!  All I wanna do is plan plan plan! :)  This is my first real wedding so thats all I think about lol! My fiance laughs at me because of how excited I am and all the planning I wanna do.    Am I overly excited?? is it really too far off to even start thinkiing about planning?? 

We want to get married in Northern Cali - or along the coast of California and we want either purple & green or a deep purple & pink as our colors.  

Congrats to all you other April 2013 brides :)

Re: April 7th, 2013

  • Congrats girl!!! My wedding is a day before yours and believe me... I am on the internet googling, googling, googling... Im even debating whether to buy books from Barnes and Nobles to help me plan. We DO have 3 mouths to feed therefore we are on a budget so I try not get overboard with it. I will look at wedding stuff till my eyes burn, lol!! They call that on here "wedding porn" so be careful. Its okay to be excited. Every girl has dreamed about this day only since FOREVER!!! But make sure you take a break sometimes and dont tire fiance out with wedding talk... Ask him about his day and other things. In the beginning it will get stressful but relax and breathe... Take your time... We have what? Over a yr to get this right, lol! Start with your wedding colors, then guest list, then budget. Then start looking around at venues. Me, Im very detail-oriented and VERY picky (I even picked out my own engagement ring but hey, Im the one wearing this thing for the rest of my life so it HAS to be something I can live with, lol). Overall, Im sure you and fiance will be capable of pulling off a special day!!! Happy planning!
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