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So I am the youngest of 4 siblings.  They've all been married for years and all have kids.  Now that it's my turn to get married, I feel like I'm not getting my time.  My oldest brother & my only sister live on opposite ends of the country from my - I'm in Minneapolis, my sister lives with her husband and 4 kids in Phoenix, and my brother lives with his wife and 2 kids in Baltimore.  Over the weekend, both of them called me to say that they can't afford to all be able to fly home for my wedding...in my sister's case, she'll be coming with just my 2 neices (and then proceeded to ask if one of them could be our flower girl), and in my brother's case, he'll just be coming alone.

I'm super bummed that I won't have all my siblings, their spouses, and my nieces and nephews all together...and it sounds silly, but it would have been the only opportunity I've ever had to have a family picture of all of us together and that's one of the most disappointing parts.  I understand that everything adds up money-wise, but it's just really sad to me.  When it was just my brother, I thought for sure I could save up enough money to pay for 2 more flights (and one is a lap-child), but then loving FI reminded me we'd have to find them a car, a hotel, food, etc. etc....and now add on my sister's husband and 2 more kids, that's 5 plane tickets, 2 hotel rooms, etc. etc.  Bah. Frown


Re: Bummed

  • Aw :-/  I know how you feel.  Our wedding is really only convenient to my parents and my sister's family.  Everyone else(including us) are coming in from out of town so that's holding a lot of people back from attending.  Hopefully you can all get together for a holiday in the near future!!  Hopefully something will change before then!  Good luck :-)

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  • Yeah that stinks :( Sorry about that. In a few years when finances are better for everyone you'll just have to plan a family reunion with everybody! But will all your actual siblings be there, just not their spouses/some of their kids? Because that's awesome if at least the actual sibling is there at least!
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  • I'm sorry!  I know its really hard when some of hte most important people in your life will not make it to your wedding.  I wish there was something I could say that will make it better for you
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  • I know how you feel.. I just have one brother and he is currently in a fight with the family and isn't coming to my wedding.  My FI has 3 brothers and they are really close so they will all be there with their FIs and GFs so it makes me feel a little sad that I only have my parents to represent my side of the family.

    I know it sounds cheesy but I think it's most important to just focus on the people that WILL be there and focus on making your own family :)
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  • I'm sorry to hear this! :( I can also sympathize: while my immediate family will make it to the wedding, none of our long-time family friends nor any of my good friends from home are able to come. Same for my FI. It sucks, but it's just the reality (in general) of people moving around so easily and so often these days.
  • I'm so sorry...thats a horrible feeling not havnig the people who mean most to you not to be there on your special day.  Try, even though it may be hard, to focus on all the good and happiness surrounding your day.
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  • Thanks everyone for your responses!  Now that I've had a week or so to think about it, I'm ok.  I would have loved to have all my loved ones there, but at least I will have all my siblings there....and as my biggest brother put it, "Tim is your immediate family now....we're all extended.  As long as he's there, everything will be perfect."  Aww, I <3 my brothers!


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