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Florist Dilemma

So I'm trying to decide between two florists.

First one: we met for an hour and discussed exactly flowers would be in each bouquet how the centerpieces would be designed, that she herself would be doing the deliverys etc. She is a bit more expensive but I can lower costs if I supply the vases (can find cheaper ones)

Second one: 15 min appt, standard prices for centerpieces (ie cube centerpiece is $45 tall cylinder is $129.... regardless of flowers, she said because she gets referrels and doesn't want one bride to say her's was 50 and anothers was 30). She was vague about how she would do centerpieces, just said she would make a mock one two months out. She has great referrals.... but is just odd... which people have warned me about. She uses delivery people for the wedding day.

The dilemma is which do I go with? Number two is cheaper.... but I feel like I'm slightly OCD about knowing exactly how my flowers will look so number one would be better.... BUT I'm also looking to save money....

Question is .... is my piece of mind worth $300???? 

Re: Florist Dilemma

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    I don't know anything about flowers, so I think I would have to go with my gut feeling. In just the info you gave me, I vote number one just because she sounds more professional and specific - and like you said, you may be able to cut costs by finding your own vases, or maybe adding greenery or using fewer flowers or whatever.

    If the second one does have referrals, can you get their numbers? Or see her work? I would want to know who she uses for delivery and if she personally guarantees it.
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    Do you have the extra 300 in your budget?

    Like the PP, I don't know a lot about florists, so I can just give you my general feeling on the matter.

    To me, I look at budget and "gut feeling", but not necessarily in that order.  Having worked retail/customer service for so long, I put a big emphasis on how the florist/caterer/venue/etc relates to me.  For example, the venue I liked the look of most was so terrible at answering my questsions and responding to my e-mails and calls that I dropped them completely off the list.  (The way I see it, if they are wanting that amount of money from us, the least they can do is be professional and courteous).

    From the sounds of it, I would go with the first one if you financially can.  Do you have an idea of how much you can save by supplying vases?  There are a lot of things you can use and a lot of places you can find vases.  Don't discount goodwill and thrift stores, and things that aren't necessarily marketted as vases (don't know what your centerpieces are, but I have some very nice drinking glasses that I have converted to vases for when I get flowers).  Also craft stores have a lot of supplies and you can possibly spruce up the vases to how you like.
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    Go with the first one. My gut feeling about the second one is that she is only comfortable/good at doing a particular style, and if that's not what you are looking for you aren't going to be happy. I can't think of any reason that a florist would set a price without taking the type of flowers used into consideration unless she pretty much uses the same stuff for everyone and switches out a few things here and there. 
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    I agree with pp. I would go with the first one. The second one sounds pretty cookie cutter. I was in the same place, except the first florist I met with was very expensive and I didn't leave the appointment with a clear vision, I was confused and upset. The second florist I went to, we had an in depth meeting, and she told me what flowers were in my budget andshe helped  my vision come to life. She came in slightly over my budget, but I trust her, and she does amazing work.I don't know if I am understanding the delivery part completely, ifthe second one pays out for delivery does that mean she won't go to the venue for set up? Personally,I would not go with a florist who pays out for delivery. I want my florist there on the day setting up what we discussed. HTH!
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    I think that $300 is definitely worth your peace of mind. 
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    That's what I was thinking! I have friends that have used the second one and been happy but she has 22 people that do the wedding deliveries. Maybe I just need a little more handholding but I like knowing exactly what my flowers will look like and who will set them up. I was just feeling a little wasteful but thanks for making me feel less guilty about the more expensive one ;
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    I would go for the first one!  I had a similar dilemma with my florist and ended up picking one that was a bit more expensive but it was one person and she would be doing all the flowers and delivery and I needed that piece of mind especially since out of the three florists I met she genuially seemed to care about me and my wedding day!
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    I don't have this problem since I'm doing the flowers, but I would say if you can afford it (are willing to cut elsewhere if needed) go with #1. This is what I would want if I were hiring someone. It's like you would't buy your wedding dress just from looking at pictures; you need to try a few on to be sure. The second one just sounds too vague.

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    I would go with the first one because it sounds like florals are a big deal to you, and you want to go with someone who is specific, knows what you want and will not have any hidden costs when all is said and done. You would rather spend an extra amount of money for peace of mind. Good luck
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