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AW;mostly NWR, Birthday Weekend

So I've been absent for a few days, but with very good reason. Monday was my BIRTHDAY! I'm now 28! (Makes me feel oldish....) This is the same age fi was when we met...So since I had Friday through Monday off, we were celebrating my birthday all weekend. Fi's birthday is Christmas Eve, so we celebrated his half birthday too, since he always gets gipped a little. Friday night I made one of his favorites, catfish nuggets, for dinner. And we started playing Lego Batman 2. Saturday we went to the Swapmeet, which I had never been to before. The one we went to was pretty dissapointing, and we'll try a different one next time. We went to lunch at Lawrey's Carvery and then we went home and played more Lego. We then had dinner and games at my Grandmother's house with my family. I got some Ikea gift cards, which I had asked for, and was excited to get the dresser I've been wanting on Tuesday. Fi hadn't brought my presents to the party, but he wanted to give them to me when we got home. A couple pieces of clothing I had been wanting and a card with another piece of paper folded up inside...a picture of the dresser I'd been wanting. He'd been planning on getting it for my birthday since Valentines day, and I had nearly ruined it! We laughed about that for a really long time. And he'd been planning on taking me to lunch at Lawrey's on Monday on the way to get it....What can I say? We're really in-sync with each other... Sunday we saw Brave and I got him some Legos for his half birthday present. Monday we got and put together my dresser, which turned into a day of house cleaning. Strange to spend a large chunck of your birthday cleaning, but it needed to be done, and the results were so worth it. Then we went out for sushi and some yummy Popcornopolis. I had to work Tuesday, but fi took Tuesday and Wednesday off as well. So yesterday we went out to Santa Clarita (where it was very hot) to go to the William S Hart meuseum. It was really cool. He was a silent movie actor who made 60 films in an 11 year carear, but he was also an animal lover, philanthropist, and caring brother who provieded for his invalid sister for her entire adult life. It's a drive and a hike, but it was free and a lot of fun. And the inside of the mueseum was airconditioned. Today it's back to reality, with fi and I going to work (on oposite shifts). It was a great long weekend and celebration of my birthday. And my parents went zip-lining on Tuesday for their 36th wedding anniversary.

Yesterday I did get a phone call from FMIL while we were getting ready to start our mueseum day. Surprising, but very nice. I really like her. She called to say happy birthday and do a little wedding talk. She's so cute, she has been researching MoG duties. And she wanted to make sure I get out to meet the rest of the family in Texas before the wedding...probably in January. She was worried that she hadn't invited my parents to dinner after the engagement...sweet, but sort of silly as they live on the other side of the country. I like that she cares about our wedding and wants to be involved. Fi is her only child, and I'm sure she wants to be involved in some of the girly stuff. I'm so glad I like my FILs.
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