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April 2013 Weddings

Gift Ideas!

Hi ladies!  So, with almost 3 months away it is surely crunch time and I need some fellow knotties help.

I'm trying to decide bridesmaids gifts.  I don't want to spend a WHOLE lot, but then again I have some room to work with.  For some reason, I am just really struggling with this and any advice will help!

So far, I've made these really cups for us to drink with on the day and I thought about doing robes, but we are getting ready in a salon and it's not really a private area.  I thought maybe doing a nice piece of jewlery? 

So tell me, what are you girls planning on doing?  Ideas appreciated!
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Re: Gift Ideas!

  • Please do not do anything that says bridesmaid or they can use ONLY the day of the wedding. These girls, more than likely, have bought a dress and plan a wedding shower and Bach party for you and they deserve a nice gift. Shop for them as if it were their birthday. What do they like? Starbucks? Makeup? Spa day? Home decor? I got one girl vintage Pyrex teacups, another BM I'm getting an ornament of their home custom made, and I'm still trying to decide for the other girls lol. I'm also giving them each a 5 dollar Starbucks gift card for the morning of.
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  • My girls are getting jewelry. We all LOVE earrings, so I am getting each girl a pair of earrings to match their personality and their tastes. I agree with PP don't get them something they can only use for the day of the wedding. They are already buying an outfit they are probably only going to wear once so you want to find them something that will be special to them.
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  • Each of my girls are getting a necklace that I got at an AMAZING sale at zales.  They are also getting a spa bag with cozy socks, nail file, candle, picture frame, bubble bath, and massager. 
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  • I made my girls personalized hangers, and am giving them earrings and a necklace. I am also thinking about getting wine glasses made for them. The jewlery was on the pricey side so I am trying to find other budget friendly ideas.
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  • The spa bag is a great idea!
  • Definitely shop for them as if it were their birthdays.  The gifts don't have to match - give them something they'd ENJOY and use again and again, not something bought in mass quantity. 

    I only have 1 BM and she's getting a Swarovski crystal covered pen with a zip drive in the other end.  I'm also treating her to a ghost-hunting tour in Savannah when we get down there,which I know she is going to FLIP OUT over!
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    I haven't decided, but am keeping a Google doc of ideas. For my MOH I might get these fleur de lis hair pins I found on Etsy. She's a big fan of jewelry, too. For one BM I might get something like a membership to our local indoor farmers market because she goes there often and the membership offers discounts and other cool things.

    I'm pretty sure I'm going to treat them all to awesome coffee/lattes that morning, and may buy breakfast for all of us as well. I am planning to give them little kits, like the spa bag idea someone else mentioned, to include a nail file, nail clippers, a little kit of makeup brushes, and maybe some really good quality lotion or body butter.

    I really want to make the personalized hangers, but only if FI will help me. I'm still brainstorming, but I know I need to decide soon!
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