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April 2013 Weddings

The Nightmares!!!!

I have not been sleeping well because my wedding related nightmares are becoming more frequent. From forgetting shoes, to clown makeup, to my FI not being my FI at all but my ex (yuck). I think the stress of all that's left to do is really getting to me. I have so much to do, so little time...and money!! Where did all of my money go??!! I still have things to buy with no funds left. I just want the day to be here and get past it. I don't want any more nightmares and no more stress and just want to be married.

Re: The Nightmares!!!!

  • I haven't had any wedding related nightmares (yet...) but my FI has. I am unable to disclose what occured in them but they really shook him up. Try spraying some lavender spray on your pillow before you go to bed. It always helps me relax.
  • I haven't been sleeping well either, but it is mostly because of stress and being overwhelmed. I have been having nightmares, but they aren't about the wedding lol. Just everything else.
  • You aren't alone, Jessalyn. I've been having nightmares too. In one dream alone, so much was going wrong - maid of honor showing up with half a dress in the wrong color, the location being moved, not having a cake and not having any alcohol. In my dream my dad's solution was to give me a cooler and tell me to pick some up at the grocery store after I went and got my hair done. And my mom kept saying "No one will notice these things." I woke up in a sweat - my fiance told me that we couldn't possibly mess everything up and all of those things are taken care of already. I agree with you though I just want the day to be here already!

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  • I know things will come together in the end and everything will be (close to) perfect. I just overwhelm myself too easily and there's really no reason for it. The thing is, the stuff that I have nightmares about are non-issues in reality. That stuff is already taken care of so I have no idea where they come from.

    Some aromatherapy might be in store for me!
  • I am having wedding nightmares at least a couple times a month!!! 
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  • The nightmaes suck. I woke up with a wrinkle in the middle of my forehead this morning most likely from the not sleeping well due to the nightmaes! What does the FI say? Oh , it'll be ok. Yeah, but that doesn't make the nightmares go away!
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  • I feel you! Mine are mostly that the flowers are really ugly or the cake is a mess. Because those are the things not in my control for the most part, so it makes me nervous! I just have to keep telling myself, if anything goes wrong it will be ok- the restaurant has desserts, any flowers will do, if the musician doesn't show, we can call in a pianist at the last minute... I have to tell myself these to get me to relax!
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  • Yep...me too.  This is my second marriage and the dreams started much earlier this time.  It is soooooooo annoying!
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