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April 2013 Weddings

5 months!!!!!

5 months from today until 4/13/13.... Holy crap the time is going fast. It seems like everytime I turn around the cost of this wedding is getting higher!!! How does this happen??? Lol, I have all of my main vendors paid except the venue/bar it is all getting very real for me, most of the time it's excitement, but sometimes it's just pure stress..... I wish my landlord, along with all my other bills would say " hey don't worry about paying this month, Merry Christmas" lmao...... How are all of you doing??
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Re: 5 months!!!!!

  • Yeah, I'm at 4.5 months now and feeling the stress. Less wedding stress at the moment than the-rest-of-my-life stress though!
  • I also cannot believe how fast tme is going!  Especially now with the holidays coming, it will be January before we know it!  It gives me a knot in my stomach!  I cannot wait to marry FI, but the thought of pulling this off makes me nervous.  I just hope it all comes together!  

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  • I am SO excited it's getting close. Now that we're done with the big stuff, I just want to marry him, see all of our loved ones, and have a wicked party. I'm done with this waiting :) That being said, I'm also glad that we'll have the holidays at least somewhat free of wedding stuff (unless we want to tackle some details and DIY things) and can kind of jump back into it in the new year. It gives us a little breather...and it's been a crazy couple of weeks so a breather would be very good right now.

    The things I'm most nervous about are my invitations (we just approved the proofs - now I just have to wait to see them) and my hair/dress/makeup. I have a bit of a crappy self esteem so I keep having freakouts about looking fat/ugly/old/frumpy/etc...I'm doing my hair/make up trial tomorrow and trying on my dress for the first time since it came in (now with shoes and accessories) so I'm hoping that will help assuage a few of those fears at least.
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  • Yes i pretty excited!!!! I've been very stressed about it but it seems like once we hit 5 mon. mark i was like well its just about here might as well get excited!!!!!! We are looking at honeymoons now which is also exciting. Still need a DJ and need to buy ceremony decor.
  • we booked our honeymoon. That's a bigger 'this is getting real' moment than the actual wedding planning for me.
  • I'm still waiting to get my student teaching placement for the Spring before booking the HM.  I'm really bummed I haven't been placed b/c I want to do something that is fun!  I'm so tired of looking at invitations and color stuff and balancing the checkbook. 
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