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Have you picked a venue yet? Post here when you do!

This is where we're going to be married. Its a steal of a deal though my MOH's dad.

Its in the loft area of a historic old town district, so upstairs, on top of some local businesses. it was was built in 1925.
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Re: Venues!

  • We have also booked our venue, it goes perfect with our rustic chic theme! Its called the Barns at Wesleyan Hills in Middletown, CT. (i couldnt figure out how to post a picture) but here is a link to check it out!!!http://www.pavilioncatering.com/about_welcome.htm
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  • http://www.iabc-livonia.com

    That is our venue! I worked there throughout high school and college and it is amazing!
  • We're getting married at a place called Scottlyn Yards in Blair, NE. There's this wonderful barn with a gorgeous loft. We're hoping to have the ceremony in the gardens and the reception in the loft. Ooo, I can't wait!! <3


    I couldn't get the picture to post! :)
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    We are getting married at a Community Center! We are on a budget (a tight one) so when everything else is 2,000+ in Mesa Arizona we had to go with Red Mountain Multigenerational Center which is really pretty, huge open room and all ours for under 1000!! :) We are really excited about it!

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    [QUOTE]we picked  The Manor <a href="http://www.bypeterandpauls.com/themanor/" rel="nofollow">http://www.bypeterandpauls.com/themanor/</a> it is on beautiful grounds  love it both venues are gorgeous ladies..great pics
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    My sister got married here April 9th 2011, it was amaaazing!! They told her she wouldnt be able to have the ceremony outside...but that day was super warm and beautiful, so her FI called them and said we want to get married outside, make it happen. My sis had no idea, so when we pulled up in the limo, we saw all the chairs set up outside and her reaction was priceless. Are you getting married outside?
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  • Oh, and I am getting married at The Paramount, its also by Peter and Pauls :http://www.bypeterandpauls.com/paramount/media.php
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  • http://www.brierwoodcc.com/catering/weddings/

    Brierwood Country Club!! We both love it! the dance floor & dining area is separated by glass french doors, so we can make a big grand dinner enterance, and for those who don't want to dance, they can have their privacy as well, even with the doors open! We also get acess to the gardens, a huge stone porch thats covered... love the pillars!! 
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    [QUOTE]<a href="http://www.iabc-livonia.com" rel="nofollow">http://www.iabc-livonia.com</a> That is our venue! I worked there throughout high school and college and it is amazing!
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    That's actually one of the places that I'm looking at, for my 4/5/2013 wedding!  We haven't made a choice yet through... I also really like the Historic Holly Hotel in Holly, MI... and also Greenmead in Livonia.
  • We were supposed to see our first venue this morning but we got snowed/iced in!  So, we're still very much searching for venues in the Pittsburgh area.  
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    the st.lawrence great hall in toronto, absolutely love it. we wanted to go with september 2012 at first but they were booked up for all of 2012 so we went with april.

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  • That is awesome and pretty!
    I know where I will be married and where I will have my reception but I have not finalized my decision about the area I use for my ceremony. It s on the same property though. I'll post pics when I decide. 
    They are trying to talk me into getting married outside and I am totally against the idea. I am way too freaked out that rain will sow up out of nowhere or high winds or sweltering heat. Whatever crazy weather phenomena -I do not want to worry for twelve months what will happen. 
    This is a picture of where they are tryng to talk me into. I dislike it very much.

  • This will be my reception area. 
    This isn'

    t my decor though.
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