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April 13th!

I was a bit nervious about picking the 13th, but then i realised

My mom was born on the 13th
We live in unit 13 and have had nothing but luck here.
and i don't give a damn about supersitions.

Plus, the 27th is out, cause we have a long standing commitment on the 28th, the 20th is out since we have too many stoner friends, and it would always be a joke, the 6th is out since it's his uncles birthday.

so the 13th it is!

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Re: April 13th!

  • Yay! Congrats!!

    I am 4-13-2013 as well and it will be the most amazing day for us!!
  • I am 4-13 -13 as well...not worried about the number at all!!!!! thats just silly...in italian traditions odd numbers are lucky so we are all fine :)
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  • haha your post made me laugh, when we told Jeremy's brother (the bestman) that we were getting married on Saturday April 13th he said "so the 20th is on a Saturday? You should totally get married then!" umm sorry weed boy that is not going to work for me. Anway, thats my whole story about that. :)
  • haha we almost picked the 20th my sister and i came up with so many 4:20 jokes that could be incorporated into a wedding (not a wedding that i would have lol)
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  • Congrats! Happy planning. I literally lol'd reading ur post!
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