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What's the plan for the weekend girls?!?

Friday: pedicure with a BM, shopping, happy hour with work people?
Saturday: getting car detailed, dropping off clothes at the consignment shop, hanging out at a BM's' house for the night with the other local BM to watch football and then a chick flick and eat fatty foods
Sunday: relax/clean the house :-)

Re: Friday!!!

  • Tonight we are having friends over (FI's best man and his FI, my bridesmaid).  Tomorrow I am hoping to get to yoga in the morning and then I scheduled a massage in the afternoon.  Other than that we just want to relax.  We have been non stop for a month and October is going to be crazy so we are trying to rest while we can!
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  • Tonight is our second (and last) precana class.
    Tomorrow is my niece's (not by blood but best friend's daughter) 2nd birthday party and a coworker's housewarming party.
    Sunday is laundry, football, and collapsing. We've been nonstop for about a month now and will be nonstop pretty much all through October. My one free weekend is Columbus Day weekend and I could NOT be any more excited :)
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    [QUOTE]Tonight is our second (and last) precana class. 
    Posted by vonclancy[/QUOTE]

    <div>We don't have precana until February.  I am jealous you have it out of the way.  </div>
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  • Dandelion - I was surprised that some people get it out of the way SUPER early. A couple we were speaking with at our session last Sunday wasn't due to get married until next November. I thought we were being a bit in advance, but we just wanted to get it done before holiday craziness hit in November/December and then before invitation/seating chart/final detail craziness hit in January/February/March. I am kind of glad it's going to be off my plate after this though!

    Von - What venues are you looking at?
  • Hello!

    Tonight I am probably going to clean up my basement a little bit. I should probably go to Ikea to find something for shoe storage.

    Tomorrow is my friend's bachelorette party! I cannot wait.

    Sunday I am hoping to go to the apple orchard and the movies. Or at least one of those.

    FI and I need to start our classes but we have both been so busy I haven't had time to schedule them yet. My priest called a few weeks ago to remind me, but I haven't called him back yet :( I suck at wedding stuff lol. BUT we have called a realtor and we are waiting to hear back about our pre-approval so we can finally start house hunting. I want to get that process at least started before I go back to thinking about wedding planning.
  • Dandelion - I was surprised to find out how many people go to pre-cana SUPER early. We were talking with one couple last weekend that isn't getting married until next November. I thought we were early, just getting it out of the way before holidays, and then the craziness of invitations/seating charts/etc that will be the beginning of 2013.

    Von - What venues are you looking at?
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    [QUOTE]In Response to Re: Friday!!! : We're taking a look at Gramercy Mansion in Baltimore on Sunday. We hopefully are looking at Antrim 1844 in Taneytown on Sunday, too. I don't know if they've gotten back to FI with a time yet, he's trying to help out by booking all the appointments.
    Posted by von1976[/QUOTE]

    GORGEOUS!! I love the look your going for :) I hope it all goes very well!
  • Hey all!

    Today FI is most likely going to come home and crash bc he pulled an all nighter to finish a huge project dumped on his desk 2 days ago, his boss asked if he wanted help and of course he says no! Lol kiss up :P

    Tomorrow I want to go to our jeweler and get an idea for wedding bands bc I'm contemplating overstock.com or amazon for wedding bands to save a few hundred bucks.. Doesn't matter where I get them as long as I have a ring! I also want to find a good recipe for something involving chicken and mushrooms bc I bought mushrooms and need to cook them before I let them spoil. Fun! lol

    Sunday we will be going to church cause we skipped last week (bad us) and giving our ceremony musician the canon in D sheet music she needed. Why this woman doesn't have canon in d I have no idea. Then FOOTBALL and laying around all day while I do a bit of studying for statistics class. 

    Then Monday means OCTOBER!!!! woot woot 

    Also-is precana marriage counseling? Cause I just spoke to our pastor last weekend and he suggested we start the process. 
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  • Today, I get to go meet with my dd's school to try and kick the principal in the rear end and get him to do something about the demon spawn that keeps beating dd up in class. Of course, the teacher sees nothing and the other boy is, apparently, an angel sent straight from heaven.  *eyeroll*  So yeah, I get to go all Mama Bear in about half an hour.  If you see me on the news tonight, start a bail fund.

    Tomorrow, if I'm still around, I'll be working on a few WR things and probably putting up Halloween decorations. 

    Sunday, we're going to a local apple festival with a friend of mine and her husband.  We look forward to it every year, so I hope we get good weather.

    Have a fantastic weekend, everyone!
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