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Feeling Like A Bridezilla Already

I had a first meeting with my florist this morning. It was really brief -- 30 minutes tops. We discussed colors, and what all I wanted.
 I told her I was really open and flexible on flower choices.
The quote was AWESOME. Less than half of what I had budgeted for.

So I put a deposit down and was on my way.

Now that I'm home and have been thinking about it... I want to be a little more specific about about my flowers. Like a more "garden" feel with lots of green leaves and stuff.
I had my FI call and tell her that and apparantly she snapped off because I didn't bring it up during our meeting and she wants me to call.
I would but I'm afraid she'll be crabby with me too.
And I'm worried that she'll think I'll be a difficult client.... because I'm really not but I just want to make sure that she knows that I want a garden/freshly picked look....
I've really had a pit in my stomach all day because of this. I know it's completely ridiculous but it's the truth.

Re: Feeling Like A Bridezilla Already

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    If someone is providing a service to you and taking your money for it, they should be willing to work with you.  There's plenty of time before your wedding to change your mind and send her more money for a deposit, if it's needed.  Give her a day or two to blow off some steam and call her back and explain what you'd really like.  Besides, a 30 minute meeting isn't a very long time to discuss your options.
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    I agree, the florist should be willing to work with you. Just explain that after thinking things over a bit more after your meeting you realized you weren't as sure of your choices as you thought you were. It shouldn't be too difficult to change things up this far out. Good luck!
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    vk2204vk2204 member
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    Last time I checked people are allowed to change their minds, especially when you are paying them to provide a service for you. I would call her and tell her what you want and if she is going to be a b*tch to you, you have plenty of time to find another florist. Good Luck!

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    I sat down with my florist for over an hour, so yah, 30 minutes definitely isn't a long time! If she acts rude like that again, I'd say, drop her and just lose whatever deposit you put down and go with another florist, because you want to make sure you have the right flowers on your wedding day!
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    Winnertag1Winnertag1 member
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    I met with 4 florists in one day & spent more than an hour to an hour and a half with each one, I showed them pictures of what I wanted my centrepiece to look like (I actually only showed them one) & they showed me flowers which would work for the season and I said what I did and didnt like. ALL the florists offered to make a mockup of what I had told them I wanted for me to see before I made my final decision (one just texted me and said it is ready for me to see already). Your florist HAS to be willing to work with you, it is your day and you are spending a lot of money, she shouldnt just flip out for you changing your mind.

    How much did you put down for the deposit? If it was only a $100 or so I would just drop the contract - you have 8 months to go for your wedding and she is already flipping out cause you want to change your mind (not really change your mind, be more specific). Not something I would be willing to deal with.

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    Hang in there! 
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