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April 2013 Weddings

April 6th = 100 Days!!!!!!!!

Yes ladies you read that right!!! We have 100 days left. Oh my goodness where has the time gone. I can't believe how close we are. is anyone doing anything special to celebrate the final 100 days? I keep thinking about school when we made paper chains and put noodles in a jar to commemorate 100 days of school.
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Re: April 6th = 100 Days!!!!!!!!

  • LOL!!!!  My 5 year old will be doing the 100 days of school thing right around the time we hit 100 days too.  :-) 

    I have a little less than a week to go...... and it's freaking me out!  I went through my to do list last night and actually gave myself a panic attack over everything that still needs to be done.  I have nothing on my calendar today, so I opened every last Christmas gift my daughter got, set them all up, and I'm doing nothing but wedding stuff today.
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  • It's 99 days till April 6 now! Officially in the double digits. At least, that's what my counter clock on my wedding site says. And that is scary because that means only 99 days to lose weight along with the dress fittings. EEEEk!
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  • LOL!! Let's not freak out!! Breathe in breathe out. I am going to look for dresses today. My MOH?BFF says we are coming home with something whether I LOVE it or not. :)
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  • I'm so excited!  I'm an April 6 bride too!  I think it will really hit me when 2013 rolls around in a couple of days, and it will be 3 months Jan 6!  Ah, still so much to do!
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  • Oh EMM GEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • So while trying on dresses today I had a mini freak out because I realized that in just a few months I am going to be an OLD MARRIED LADY!!!!! 
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  • Yes I know exciting!!!! Good Luch fellow knotties.....:) We can do this...
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