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Thanksgiving is tomorrow and I have just been thinking of how much I have to be thankful for this year (and well every year).  But as all of us are upcoming brides something has sure worked in our favor and we have lots to be thankful for.  Lets hear some of the things we are thankful for in a thread!!

NWR: My little girl who is such a smart todler, and the new opportunities arriving as my FI has just found out he got a new job that includes housing and all utilites paid so we can save up more money even though we have to move and he will be doing what he loves most in the world ... FARMING

WR: Well everything blessed that the universe gave FI and I eachother after 6 years of being best friends and now we will husband and wife.!!!

Hope you guys don't think this post is absolutely stupid!!

Have a good day and Happy Holidays hope everyone has a fantastic long weekend!
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Re: Thankful!!

  • Happy Thanksgiving everyone :)

    NWR: I am thankful for my friends and family :) The past few years have been different. I feel since the passing of my dad my family has grown closer. I am super thankful for my FI. He was my main support my rock when I was going through it with my dad, My dad and FIs mom were diagnosed with cancer 1 month a part. My dad passed in Jan of 2008 and his mom Feb 2009.  We were each others supporters through one of the most difficult times. I almost feel like we were put together for a reason.

    WR:I am thankful to be connected to an awesome community of fellow knotties :) I am thankful for my wonderful FI who seems to calm me down when I start to stress over the littlest things, and who makes things that seem sooo overwhelming at the time, not so overwhelming. I am thankful for FIs sister and brother in law who paid for our site fee so we can get married at our dream location. I am just thankful to be experiencing the wedding planning process, and loving every minute of it.
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  • Jess great pot, not dumb at all!!!! Christinewow, what an amazing bond you and your FI must have NWR I have had a great year, graduated with a bachelors degree, FI and I and our DD's moved into our house, and of course got engaged. None of this would have been possible without my family. My daughters 6 8 are the most amazing healthy happy girls Wr so thankful to be marrying my best friend!! So glad for you ladies, who really understand all the crazy!! Lol
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  • Thankful for life!! Have learned that its a great blessing to be alive. Thankful for family, friends, my FI...where do I even begin? I have never met anyone so loving, caring and just genuinely thoughtful. This is our last thanksgiving as an engaged couple. God willing, next thanksgiving, will be first one as a married couple. In ALL things give thanks. Happy thanksgiving everyone!!!
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