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eek so excited!

Just got a 6 month reminder in the mail from our venue today indicating that they are going to call us soon to set up an appointment to meet with the wedding coordinator to finalize details like meal selections, linens, vendors etc.... So excited! It finally feels like it's soo close. :)

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Re: eek so excited!

  • I am waiting for mine to come too!!! How exciting :)
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  • Oh my gosh it is crazy how quickly the date is creeping up.  So exciting!  I know the last 6 months will fly especially with christmas in there ;-)
  • MIL is taking care of this as well. I think DH may go with her, but she knows what he and I wanted and she added a few options to make sure there were options for everyone.

    I hope that everyone is blessed to be marrying someone with a mom as cool as I am. DH's mom is one classy lady who's as more of a support to me than my mom. I love her. (not to brag or anything LOL)
  • It's exciting n scary all at once. Have been slacking lately and just realized that we are in the 6 month stretch. So I better get busy. Still need to finalize our menus too. But I can't wait to see all the planning come together! Finally
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  • Lol, I just hit 7 months today...halfway through the engagement!!!
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