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What flowers are you using?

I'm having trouble picking colors, therefore picking flowers.
Weather here in MN in April is a toss-up. Could be sunny and warm, or could be snowing. I don't want something full-out "summer" but I'd like to stay away from winter-y flowers.
What flowers are you guys going to use for your April wedding?


Re: What flowers are you using?

  • My wedding is in April 2013 and I am also having trouble with wedding colors. The weather in Little Rock, AR is funny also.   I am having it at Marlsgate Plantation; therefore, my colors need to flow well with the greenery outside.  My fiance is doing better than me, he has already decided that he wants a white or ivory jacket (tux) with black pants!  I am thinking about turquoise bridemaids dresses with a dash of pink or orange and ivory in their baquets  ( just thoughts not sure at all)

    But back to your question, I wrote a list of flowers down that I think may work well in April ( not an expert at all) lol:

    roses ( white, pink, yellow)
    calla lilies
    purple jasmine

    Hope this helps or give you some type of ideas!! :-)
    Happy planning
  • Like MN, the weather here in MI is unpredictable as well so I am going to try to avoid using flowers at all.

    Also, since we are getting married after Easter, our Priest said that the flowers from Lent/Easter will still be there for us to use so if anything we will just get more of whatever they have.
  • I am in PA and the weather is never predictable. My color scheme will be light pinks,creame and light greens. Pastel colors really. Flowers I will be using are: Hydrangeas Roses Tulips Peonies Good luck planning girls!
  • Arizona weather in April is pretty basic! But being from Minnesota I know that weather can be unpredictable man! Anywho, I am using White Roses and Calla Lillies for my bouquet and then Gerber Daisies and Tulips for the girls. 

    Anything springy would work for Minnesota as well, I know it could be snowing but there's more of a chance of rain rain rain... sooo I would go with spring flowers.

  • i havent gotten this far!! i know i like hydrangeas and peonies... since our theme is rustic im probably going to do centerpieces that are more wild like with a pop of color in the them (our colors are charcoal grey and pink) i dont want it to be all pink so im thinking brights like pinks, peaches, whites, creams, maybe a little purple.
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  • for my wedding i am using roses or any red flowers actually for the bridal party
  • I am using red roses. I am hoping that the cost will not be outrageous. I really want them everywhere as well as candles. 
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