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10 days!!!

Its official!!! as of midnight tonight, I now have only 10 days until my wedding!!! EEEEKKKK!!!
Its getting really real to me!! which i know sounds crazy, but its crazy to think next week ill have a husband! :) My sister comes home from Florida this thursday to start my amazing bachelorette weekend, which includes massages, wine, dinner, movies, and than a night full of drinking!! Just in time to have a terrible hang over for easter... :/ Fiance leaves for Vegas on easter sunday, which is sad, but im kind of excited to be spending my last Easter before being married with just my parents and my sister. :) I am officially on my 15 day "wedding vacation" from work, so i can just focus on getting everything for the wedding together! :)
Finally finished painting my mason jars for my center pieces
Table numbers are done
place cardds finally came and finished
Made my own table number holders :)
FINALLY bought shoes for the bridesmaid, myself, the groomsmen, and the groom!!!!!!
Balances are all paid, except for flowers and the rest of the venue which is due the night before!!
EVERYTHING is 99% finished!! Im so glad to get the planning and DIY projects over with!! Time to see it all come together!!!


Re: 10 days!!!

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    So crazy, right?!! I'm down to 8 days today! Ahh! Good luck with all your final details! :D
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    Congrats ladies!  I can't wait to see pics while I am anxiously awaiting my wedding 23 days from now!
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    Yay!  I can't believe how close its getting!  Which reminds me that I need to call my doctor and get some Xanax, lol.
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    11 days for me! Congrats to everyone! :)
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    We have 8 days, and still have a small amount of stuff to do. The biggest to do left is driving to Illinois for the wedding, and we leave four days not counting today. It's a two day drive for us, and then we get to introduce familiies, final shopping, pay food, organize decor, meet people at airport, etc. etc. etc. Day before, we have the whole day to decorate just right! Yay! Thought we might only have two hours up until two days ago when the church told us that they are closing the preschool a day early for their spring break. Best of wishes everyone!!
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    [QUOTE]So crazy, right?!! I'm down to 8 days today! Ahh! Good luck with all your final details! :D
    Posted by tiny speck[/QUOTE]
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