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April 2013 Weddings

Bridesmaid Gift Question

Hi Girls,
I've been thinking lately what to get for my bridesmaids, I have 7.  For the most part, all of my bridesmaids are married, and I was in their weddings. I would like to get them something unique and something that they can use again. Being in all of their weddings, I got all of the typical gifts, necklaces, tote bags, clutches, bracelets, flip flops etc, and two of my girls are hair dressers and make-up artists and will be doing the hair and make-up for free for everyone. I thought about getting them TOMS, http://www.toms.com/wedding-collection/brides/natural-canvas-classics-shoes, this way they could wear them at the reception to dance, then they will have them to wear after the wedding.  I have also seen pictures of bridesmaids in TOMS and they look really cute.  What does everyone think?  Does anyone have any other suggestions?

Re: Bridesmaid Gift Question

  • I love the ideas of the Toms I want a pair so bad...would you be getting them just for those two since they are doing hair and makeup or would you be getting them for everyone else too?  As far as other thoughts...some of mine have been the clutches(each their own to fit their tastes) and filling it with a personalized thank you note with a memory and a day off "survival kit" or doing the silk robes for getting ready...but i mentioned that one to my MOH and she was wasn't thrilled so I will probably go with the clutches...or I have thought about maybe getting each one a different gift that I know they would like but staying at the same price but i'm not 100% sure yet.
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  • Everyone would be getting TOMS, including my two flowers girls. I do like the clutch idea but my best friend did the same exact thing.

  • I'm not a huge fan of the Tom's but I know a lot of people are.  Have your BMs mentioned them or do they currently wear them?  My MOH loves Toms and I only know that by stalking her Pinterest boards ;-)

    I got mine some 8" flower vases from Macy's.  I figured they would use these regularly in the future and they were on sale and I had a coupon on top of that so I got them for $14 each and they're usually around $40 I think.  I will probably also do the personalized hangers by buying wooden hangers and hand painting their names on each one with a paint pen that I have.  I didn't want to get anything that said "Bridesmaid" or "Leigh and Dave 4/27/13" or anything even though I think that stuff is soooo cute.  I was raised by a very practical family so I just can't bring myself to buy the super fun stuff that they can't use on an everday basis :-/

    This is actually one of the things that was stressing me out the most.  I just wish FI would pick out some groomsmen gifts!   I don't know the guys well enough to choose for him and he doesn't want anything that is considered a "typical" groomsmen gift...

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  • I was just in a wedding in October and the bride wanted us to wear Toms as our shoes. I made a whole thread about how I hated the idea (more so the color) lol.

    I love Toms. BUT the bride wanted brown. I don't own anything brown so honestly it would have been a waste for me to get them, I'd never wear them again. Plus, the dresses were a brown satin and I don't think the shoes matched at all.

    If you get them something to use for the wedding, then technically it is not a gift. For that wedding, I got a zip up hoodie that said bridesmaid with the date on it. It is currently sitting in a ball on a chair somewhere. I will never wear it again. If you are going to spend money on them, get them something they will use again.

    That being said, if you know 100% they will wear the shoes then I wouldn't think twice about it. My issue was that the bride wanted us to buy these $60 damn shoes that I would never ever wear again, ya know?

    You don't have to spend the same on everyone. If someone is into movies, get them a gift card. If someone loves to read maybe buy them a few books they will like. I plan on doing something like that and them getting them all lip gloss and nail polish or something.

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    I don't like Toms and know enough people that don't to think they are a bad group gift. Shoes are such a personal taste/fit thing. 

    My MOH is getting a bunch of Lush products since I know she loves it but rarely buys it for herself. My bridesmaid is getting a signed copy of her favorite book. Depending on how much that all costs I might get some not for the wedding jewelry. I'll make hangers if I have extra wire from my feather bouquets.

    The guys are going to be harder, FI just wants to give nice alcohol but I don't think that's adequate especially for our friend who is officiating. They are going to be a pain to buy for.   
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  • I think TOMS are a great idea if your bm's like them.  I am actually wearing white canvas TOMS for my reception shoes.

    For my girls I am doing a personalized hanger, pashmina, jewelery I made, tote bag, and clutch with a small wedding survival kit inside.  I only have 2 bms and am spending $90 each.

  • Thanks for everyone's suggestions! I have done some investigating the past few weeks and most of my bridesmaids either have a pair already, or want a pair. I have to say, I was surprised!  I was thinking about going with the neutral color, this way they could wear them with anything in the summer. I understand what some ppl said, about if I required them to wear at the reception, then it wouldn't be a gift, but I would not require them to wear them. Only if they wanted to. I do still have some searching to do, I really liked everyone's ideas!
  • Paf - what are your colors? Could you let your girls pick out which color shoe they would want?
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