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April 2013 Weddings

Need to stop looking!!

Do any of you have wedding jealousy?? I'm horrible! I keep looking at blogs of photographers in my areas- photographers who I very much can not afford. And their pictures are just amazing! My photog is good and fit in my budget, but she doesn't specialize in the stunning scenic kind of pictures that many do. It makes me a little sad but then I remember- really, I'll have like 2 framed and the rest will just be in an album that yes, I'll look at it, but I wouldn't need every amazing shot. Yeah.. I keep telling myself that.. lol

Do any of you have this, something that you wish you could have but just can't make it work?
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Re: Need to stop looking!!

  • If I had an unlimited budget I would have floral centerpieces. I think they are beautiful, but the price is not practical for us.
  • I thought about this yesterday when I bought Powerball tickets.  I lost by the way.. :(

    I decided that I would upgrade a few things, but mostly keep it the way we have it because we have put so much work and money into this wedding already, and it really is going to be very "us".  It's going to be a beautiful, but simple and elegant wedding, not over the top, but we didn't really skimp on anything either.. (hopefully!  We will find out that day if everybody (vendors) do as good of a job as we think they will.)) 

    I do feel that way when I see weddings that cost $50,000 - but would I really spend that much on a wedding?  Not so much.

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  • I wish that I could have my rehersal dinner at a kickass restaurant where the food was amazing and the drinks kept flowing and everyone could invite their significant others.

    Paying for a dinner like that for 30ppl the night before my wedding is just not something we can do. 

    Other than that, I'm okay and happy with all our decisions. Nothing is extravagant, but I know it is going to be amazing. 
  • Oh yes, if we had an unlimited budget we would have booked a much more spectacular venue, have nicer food, hire Billy Joel to play the reception...ok, maybe that's overboard, but at long as we're dreaming...
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  • Heck I get that from seeing what some of you guys have planned. My wedding is not pricy. But FI and I are paying for it by ourselves, I got laid off, we have less than 4 months from proposal to wedding..... Oh well. It is all about having fun and making the commitment to each other isn't it?
  • OMG this is me this is me this is me. Seriously. I have been beating myself up over my photog choice because I've been stalking this photog who costs over twice what I paid for mine. Her photos are GORGEOUS. Mine is a really nice guy but I feel like he's not totally into his wedding photography, like he doesn't have a blog or anything and I just think they're so cool and cute. He's definitely talented and our friends and family LOVED our E photos but I'm just so jealous and wish we could've had an unlimited photography budget bc it was so important to me and I feel like I didn't do as much research before booking as I should have. He is definitely talented just maybe not my style? But this is why I decided I want a videographer and I may be doing a day after session with this girl I know who takes beautiful natural light photos, and a small session with her would only cost 150 dollars and I could get some gorgeous photos of me and my FI. I met her after I booked my photog and she's new to the business so I wouldn't have been comfortable booking her for the wedding. But yes, I am so with you on this one!!
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