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THINKING about 4/2013.. but do i need more time?

New here! New to everything! Got engaged April 2nd ( our 8 year anniversary). I am thinking about End of April 2013 .. obviosly april being our month... but after looking on here so many of you have SOO MUCH done already. Some of you already have your dresses already!

Do i need more time??? We know where we would like to get married.. but thats it! And thinking about color schemes is already giving me chest pain Cool

Do i need more time?

Re: THINKING about 4/2013.. but do i need more time?

  • You DO NOT need more time.  1 year is sufficient if you think you can handle it.  My mom and I planned and pulled off my brother's wedding last year and they only gave us 4 months.

    I would suggest getting on booking the venue rather quickly though so you can start planning other things.
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  • I honestly think it depends on where you want to get married and what its like in your area. I know that the cathedral Im getting married in, you have to book it one year out. My twin sister booked her wedding 2 years out but thats just how the wedding vendors go here. As far as dresses  you def. have time for that. good luck on planning and if you do pick april 2013 come back to the boards! Smile
  • Congrats on your engagement!  I don't think a year is a time crunch.  Your biggest obstacle will be getting your venues and vendors.  Assuming you mean you're in NY, you're going to have to scramble to put down deposits.  But if you know who/where you want, make those calls right away, find out what they have open in April, and get the contracts!

    The only reason I have my dress is because my dad was supposed to buy it, we got into a huge fight, and I bought it as a symbolic F-you to him.  lol  Most dresses take about 6 months to come in so even with alterations, you have plenty of time.  I ordered mine in Feb and it's due in at the end of June.
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    Totally enough time as long as the venue you are looking at is available...in terms of planning everything else lots of time...its hard to compare to some of us who have had the extra time...I got my dress in feb..which i thought was early...but wasnt planning on getting it... and remember whether your wedding is 2 years away or 1 year away you are going to be busy and stressed out the month before the big day.so dont worry too much as long as your venue is open then you are good to go everything else will fall into place
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    Welcome, and congrats!!!! Don't be intimidated by what other fellow knotties have completed!!! The average wedding is planned in a year or year and half! I agree with the PP, and you can definately plan your wedding in 1 year :) Once you have your vendors everything like color scheme will fall into place. I think there is a post on this board about what colors everyone is doing to give you some ideas. I got engaged the week before thanksgiving. FI and I booked our venue in December, and then started to shop around for everything else (dj, florist, photographer etc) We also booked items early so we knew where we were with money! Just keep in mind couples who are getting engaged now are booking for 2013, so vendors might begin to book up, esp. any popular ones that are mentioned on your  local board. Good luck, and I hope you return back to us!
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  • Congratulations on your engagement!

    You still have plenty of time for April. The only thing you might have to be worried about is venues, but even still, April isn't a 'prime' month so it tends to not fill up as quickly as the summer months.

    All I have planned is my ceremony, venue and photog; so no worries!!
  • Youve got plenty of time. It took me and my fience about a month to lock down all the vendors just to make sure they were avaliable on our date. So now its just going to be going back and hatching out the details. Were even handmaking all the invitations so you have plenty of time its just making sure the vendors/venue have the date open. we figured 4-13-13 would fill up fast so we booked a little early

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