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The minute the wedding planning began, I sat with my parents and we created our side of the guest list.  Was it easy - NO.  Did we do it - YES.

FI spoke with FMIL this past weekend and asked about her guest list (we've given her a set amount and the option of more - again a set amount - if she wants to pay for them).  She said she just isn't ready to do it.  We had dinner last night and she kept putting us off.  I handed her a piece of paper with a line for each name.  We've asked her to please get it done by the end of the month.  At that pont, she wanted to know why we can't have more people (we're set at 300).  We kept telling her that the venue won't hold more.  So, why can't we get a bigger venue, she asks.  Grrr.

Then she starts telling me what favors she's going to bring for us to hand out to our guests.  That my FSIL can hand them out for us as we do the table visits.  We politely said we've got the favors covered, but thank you.

Also, apparently, bridal showers are greedy and I better not invite anyone on his side of the family.  Um, okay....
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Re: FMIL Woes

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    sorry that your FMIL is being uncooperative.  I know the feeling because my FMIL is also very difficult to work with.  She didn't tell me bridal showers were greedy but she told me that we shouldn't invite anyone to our wedding or the shower if we didn't think they would give us a good gift (aka lots of money).  I was so upset when she said that but I just smile and change the subject. I have learned that I have to live with her in our life so it's best to just let the little things go.  As for her not giving you somewhat of a guest list or at least a number I think your FI needs to sit down and have a private conversation with her to find out what is truly going on.  This is something for the future groom to take care of not you.  Good luck
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