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Happy New Year!!!!

Happy New Year! We get married next year!!!!

Re: Happy New Year!!!!

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    wooo! I was LITERALLY coming onto The Knot to say that exact same thing! hahaha. I'm glad we're all so excited! 
    I tried to talk Jeremy into driving up to Vegas with me on Sunday and just doing it so we could be husband and wife! He REFUSED! He said, we have a date set and we are sticking to our date, I want a wedding... Aweee made my heart go pitter patter!
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    Just saw this post! Happy New Year ladies! I'm getting way too excited and TK doesn't help! I'm addicted. Always lurking while at work and trying to find ideas. I can't wait another year and 3mths! We have been together 9 1/2 years already!!
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