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Weekend Post!

Hi ladies!  Sorry I'm late with this one today; with today's events fresh on everyone's mind I was going back and forth on posting a fun post or not.  Then I remembered, while it's important to mourn and pay condolences during times like these, you have to keep moving on, too.  When you run and cower in fear, the evil wins, you know?

Anyways, the weather's crappy here today.  FI and I were supposed to go to a Pirates game and a pre-game party but I don't know if that's going to happen since it's still raining.

Tomorrow's busy; I'm volunteering at the Great American Water Balloon Fight in the AM, visiting my venue to take pictures of it dressed up for a wedding, and then going to see The Dark Knight in IMAX.  I watched them film it last year here so I'm excited to see it, even with the situation being as it is.  A friend of ours is also one of Bane's henchmen in the Heinz Field explosion scene.

Sunday's also busy, with FI throwing out the first pitch at a charity home run derby event our friends are holding and then I'm going to another (ugh) bride show to try and find someone to marry us, ceremony music, and other little things.

I found my wedding shoes, too, but they're out of stock in my size online.  My mom's tracking them for me, though, since she offered to buy them.

Oh! And we close on our house Monday or Tuesday.  Finally!  :)

What are y'all up to?
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Re: Weekend Post!

  • We do a lot of traveling on the weekends to visit our families, which live 2 hours south of us (FI and I are from the same home town, so our families live in the same place) and we are staying put this weekend! After traveling the past 2 weekends, and again next weekend for my sister's 21st birthday, it will be nice to just stay at home for 1 weekend.

    Tonight, I'm going to the mall with one of my BM's to find a dress to wear for our engagement pics (August 2!) so I'm excited about that. I've done some shopping already, but haven't found anything, so I'm hoping to have more luck at the mall. 

    Other than that, just hanging out at home :) We'll probably have an X Files marathon (Yes, we've been watching the X Files... from 1993. Good TV shows are hard to come by). 
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  • After a crazy night at work (tile worker had me there till 2:30), I spent most of today sleeping. I was supposed to work Saturday, but because of yesterday and some other things at work this week, I got tomorrow off. So I still have my dress appointment for tomorrow, and I'm hoping my aunt will be able to come. I want to be excited about it, but with all the budget/guest list stress from this week, I'm having a little trouble. And it can't help that I'm still exhausted. Other than that, we don't have anything planned. I haven't been home much this week when fi has been, and the one night I really was was the same night he had talked to his mom and everything went down. The Knot has sort of eaten my post, but it's in my personal history, so it's still there somewhere...right now more sleep sounds good.
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  • Thank god its the weekenddddd :) Majority of the girls are getting measured for the bridesmaid dress this weekend! I can't believe we are at this step in the process already! I am going because we will be looking at more possible flower girl dresses. Fingers crosses that we agree on one. FIs b-day was yesterday so we went to dinner, and to 16 handles for dessert. I am hoping to relax in the sun today, and tomorrow we have something to do with the family. Hope you all enjoy your weekend :)
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  • Today I went to try on my wedding dress. It came in over a month ago and I had been putting it off for a while. OMG... i  fell even more inlove if that was possible. I now cant wait til APRIL!!!
    Florist appt on Wed. to see what they can do for the wedding.

    Still need to book a limo company and baker... oh and about amillion other things!
  • I got my bridesmaid dresses! And I ordered my invites, and a few random decorative things. Exchanged the veil I had gotten for a new one as well, and I looove it, can't wait to wear it!
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