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just saved our date for April 19, 2013!!! I'm so so SO excited because it was my grandparents anniversary so it has realy meaning to me! 

now that the venue is finally booked---- whats the next step?!!?!!!? =))
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Re: 4-19-13!<3

  • Ahhhh I was thinking purple.... But not sure what else... Any good springtime suggestions?!?! =]
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  • i am so stumped on this too...i cant decide...i like the idea of purple too...but its been so popular over the the last year around here..so i donno if its overdone...

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  • OMG My date is set for April 19th as well<3 We are going with Brown yellow and reds.
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    YAY!! 4/19/13! what a GREAT DATE =)

    My colors are still not decided but I'm trying to stick with spring colors, so I'm thinking of going with a light pink, and creme colors --- and maybe a light yellow or green too.. not sure of the 3rd color to put in there lol 

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  • Another 4-19-13 ;)
    Im just now starting out. Went and bought a binder today to get ORGANIZED, lol.. I figured since I have enough time, I don't want it to overwhelm me. Haha, we shall see!
  • Congrats!
    I am an April Bride to be as well. 
    I chose my reception and ceremony venue. I made my save the date cards and picked out my invites. I also ordered cards to invite my special people in the wedding party. 
    I am having an appoinment with the florist on Tuesday. We are going to walk through the venue and talk about the decorations. So, I've been going over the favors like crazy. I think I will have a few for each person. The menu needs alot of work. Ugh- so much to do. 
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