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Do we need both?

I'm confused!!! Do we need a wedding planner and a wedding coordinator? What is the difference really?

Re: Do we need both?

  • You only need one, it just depends on what your needs are. Usually a wedding coordinator is just used the day of or a few weeks prior to your wedding, to help everything run smoothly and help put everything together. A wedding planner is involved with hiring vendors and taking your budget and helping you to plan while staying in budget, and will be there pretty much every step of the way, including the day of. They will usually get better deals for you on vendors because they do business with certain vendors all the time. I know my planner got me a lot of great deals through her vendors. Using a wedding planner has been such a big help for me being a student and working full time! HTH :)
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  • One or the other, we have a wedding planner who on the day of the wedding will be coordinating everything/making sure everything runs smoothly.

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  • Thanks for your help...yj
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