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How many Bridesmaids are you having, and have you asked them yet?

I'm having 4, and i have already asked them.
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Re: Bridesmaids

  • I am having 6, and I am in the process of asking them! I will post a pic (need to upload it to my computer) of how i did it! I wanted it to be cute and unique !
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  • maid of honour plus 3
    then im having my 5 nieces and nephews as the flower girls/ring boys (or pillow boys as they like to be called)
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    4 bridesmaids plus 1 maid of honor
    4 groomsman plus 1 best man
    1 flower girl (mine and my fiance's goddaughter)
    1 ring bearer (my fiance's nephew, her little brother)

    and yes we asked them all already :)

    I asked the girls through a card and my fiance asked all of the guys at our engagement party this past November.
  • Just 2... a maid of honor and a bridesmaid.  We're having a small, intimate wedding.  I've already asked my girls and they were super excited, but my fiance hasn't asked his best man and groomsman yet! 

    We might have my 5 year old nephew (he'll be 5 at the time) be our ring bearer.
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    3 all together, 1 maid of honor (my sister) and 2 bridesmaids (my cousins).   I already asked all of them since they're all family members.
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  • I'm having 4 bridesmaids plus my maid of honor. My three sisters [one is my future sister-in-law] and my two best friends. :) I've asked all of them, and its extremely exciting!
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  • We are having 3 girls and 3 guys! My sister is my MOH, his brother is his Best Man, then we have 2 and 2 of our closest friends. :) We chose to not have a flower girl but our (his) 3 year old (at the time) nephew will carry our rings down the aisle to his dad (the best man) :):)
  • I haven't asked yet, but I plan on asking 7 ladies to stand with me. My FI is going to ask 6 I believe.

    We will (hopefully) have 2 ring bearers, and I have 2 cousins that will be 9 and 7 for my wedding so I am going to give them the option of being flower girls or bridesmaids.

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